Blue Notes - Rick Blue

From Beaconsfield to the world: Bowser and Blue concert streams live on Internet April 17

On Thursday, April 17th, at 8 p.m. Bowser and Blue will be broadcasting to the world over the Internet. This will be the link to use on Thursday: And it’s all thanks to an Internet platform called numubu, which stands for New Music Business.!/events/627713747277675/ Numubu is a social networking site for the music...
Just between us - Brenda O'Farrell

Would it be so horrible if Senneville’s population grew a little bit?

For those who don’t live there, Senneville is that little town at the western tip of the island where rich people live in grand waterfront estates. True, there are many waterfront estates and little poverty. But the stereotype doesn’t quite fit, as most stereotypes, really. For those who do live there, it has become a...
Victor Schukov - vschukov

Beaconsfield should be absorbed by its neighbours

The latest Beaconsfield news bite – fining a 17-year-old student $428 for soliciting door-to-door, for summer painting jobs – only reinforces my growing belief that the town should be absorbed by its neighbours – Pointe Claire and Baie d’Urfe. Like West Germany taking over East Germany, it’s high time that the big B’s economic doldrums...