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What the flag flap means

Next week there will be a vote in our National Assembly on whether or not to keep the Canadian flag.

Obstinance? Pettiness? Perhaps.

But this flag flap is more than just another example of the endless squabbling that goes on between the governments of Ottawa and Quebec. And it is more than just a removal of a symbol.

It is a symbol in itself.

As my good friend George Bowser observed. They are no longer concentrating on getting Quebec out of Canada. Now, they are concentrating on getting Canada out of Quebec.

Although that might seem obvious at first, it is not. I think it is new approach. And although it might not have been stated like this in any Parti Quebecois manifesto it is now understood.

It is clear that Quebecers are not in the mood for another referendum. In fact, they may never be in the mood for another referendum. So the PQ must take a different approach. If they cannot win a referendum to give them a mandate to take Quebec out of Canada, maybe they can, step by step, take Canada out of Quebec.

They have certainly managed to take the Canadian idea of having two official languages out of Quebec. And each new power they take from the federal government, will make Canadian culture and control here weaker.

During the last referendum there was a famous slogan that went like this: “My Canada contains Quebec.”

Maybe so, but we could all wake up one morning and find ourselves in a Quebec that does not contain Canada.

Fiendishly clever, don’t you think?



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