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Immigrants in our own country

A strange phenomenon has taken place here in Quebec during our lifetime.

We thought we lived in the nation of Canada, but we find that according to our government, we now live in the “nation” of Quebec. We thought there were two official languages as defined in the British North America Act and the Canadian Constitution, but we find that now according to our government, there is only one official language and in many instances we are not even allowed to publicly display the second one.

I wonder if there is any other jurisdiction in the world where the identity of a large and well established population, one that had only a couple of generations ago been a vital part of the success of the society, has now been so debased.

The anglo population of Quebec has become a population of immigrants in their own country.

This fact is so obvious that even the PQ minister responsible for us has commissioned a song and a video to persuade us that we are not immigrants in our own country, but that we are indeed at home here.

(We are now so marginalized by law that we need a special minister just to administer us.)

We appreciate you trying to “reach out” to us but we know how we feel and we know how your government is treating us, thank you very much Mr. Lisee. And you know, too, otherwise why would it be necessary to spend government money on trying to persuade us otherwise?

Clearly if this was really Notre Home we would have the same rights as you, wouldn’t we?

You want to make us feel like this is Notre Home? Simple. Stop treating our language like it was a disease.

When we are in our homes we are equal with everyone else in our home. There are no first- and second-class citizenship in our homes. In our homes, we don’t fine each other for putting up signs.

That’s what a real home is, Mr. Lisee.

You want us to feel that this is our home? Tell us we have the same rights as you. Stop being so petty and mean. You are the government. You can do it.


  1. By Renee Houde

    I am a francophone and I am so embarrassed to be a Quebecoise. I have been embarrassed for the past 30 years ever since I have returned to Quebec. I have become an activist for individual rights because I have observed a drastic increasing xenophobic tendency with our separatists who rarely think about repercussions. Their incredible selfishness and extreme arrogance have unfortunately ruined the usually pleasant atmosphere the province used to be famous for, by consistently pitting French against English pretending to protect the French language whilst denying others their rights.

    I realized after a full year of research on the Internet that the mentality of separatists comes mainly from ignorance and most people know this, but I wanted to make real sure so I communicated mainly with separatists.

    It is very easy to recognize a separatist, they rarely discuss, they simply enjoy insulting you “personnally” hoping to intimidate you. They are also famous for blocking, censoring your posts, sending you viruses, hacking your computer, reporting you to Facebook so you are not allowed to make new friends or reporting you for posting the truth which is not kosher to them. Famous for censuring is OQLF, Imperatif Francais, Lisee, Duchesne, Drainville and of course GND, Martine Desjardins and buddies. They must silence the adversary at all costs, Vive la democratie! Separatists in general are also a little naive unfortunately. Secondly, they have no idea that Quebec has one of the most important debt on the planet and that the rich provinces give us Billions of dollars so we do not go bankrupt. In replying, they would dismiss my arguments which were substantiated with respectable links and would point to Lisee, Drainville, Aussant …etc.,who claim the opposite. In their defence, they would state that my views was federal propaganda.

    The French media which is mainly separatist leftist specially Radio Canada fails to properly inform le p’tit peuple and the leaders of each successive governments consistantly criticizes Ottawa but suppresses all the benefits, in the hope, they might attract a few separatist votes. Very noble!

    Thirdly, you also have to blame the silent majority for not speaking up. The coming out of Bill 14, the worst civil liberties attack which continues to deny all of us our rights, has done it. This embarrassing bill was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Finally, the anglos have decided to stand up and are getting together and organizing a protest on against this abominable bill and the agressive socially regressive Bill 101. All citizens francos, allos are especially welcome. Our rights and liberties are not respected. Language discrimination must stop. If we do not stand up, we will deserve what will come to us…dictatorship and collective rights “a la communisme” is already at our door! Your choice. Kill Bill 14 and rid us of the PQ!

    It is truly my opinion that once the separatists are informed about the economic realities of Quebec and they qface the realities that “Le pays des Merveilles” does not exist, they will throw separatists out the same way they got rid of religion. It will be heaven living in Quebec. Don’t give up, rise up!

  2. On Jan 21 the statistics re charitable giving will be released for 2011. The stats will again show Quebecois society for the sociological basket case that it is. They want us to be like them. In reality they are not worth emulating. Sad sad society.

  3. When my parents came to Canada in 1957 they chose Montreal because it was booming. It had 3 times the number of people that Toronto had. It was cosmopolitan, very much like Amsterdam where every tongue and culture was tolerated. In 1967 it was the site of arguably the best World’s Fair ever. Then along came the French Canadian Racists and language laws which restricted all tongues and within 5 years, 1974 to 1979, Montreal lost half its population to Toronto. This devastated Quebec because the English surprised everyone by taking their jobs with them.I graduated from Chateuguay high school in 1963. Today, only 1 of my classmates still resides in Quebec.


    I must admit for a chez nous attitude M. Lisee should take the needle out of his arm and look at the reality. A large influx even recently in towns in eastern Ontario (BTW where you can equally submit bi lingual signs of equal size).
    Being told because my last name is not French getting a job might not be so easily obtained. Spending taxpayers money to go to Scotland to watch the separatists there, when every nickel is important and frivolous spending is at best idiotic.
    I am Bilingual and have had to leave here on occasion just to find work.

  5. Hi Allen B.. I was probably a classmate of yours. Same year, same place. :-)
    My family was rooted in Chateauguay, the sourh shore, and Monteal for a very long time.
    I also am a linguistic and economic refugee from Quebec. The jobs left the province and and I followed them. As Allan points out, I had the same experience. When we held a birthday party for my son in the mid 1970′s there were 26 kids at it. The next year there were only 3 kids.. The rest had moved away. Almost all my friends moved away..There was nothing left for us.
    It is not the French people thats the problem many of whom I was/am friends with, it is the sick attitude of the Government and radical element behind it that is bad. A lot of Francophones also moved out for the same reasons I did, lack of jobs and a future. also the absence of linguistic persecution was a relief to all of us, french and English alike
    Too bad, Quebec in my opinion used to be the greatest and friendliest province, now it has become the least.

  6. The truth in this statement is brought home time after time. I absolutely agree with someone’s right to work in French if French is their language, conversely I deserve to have the same rights and work in English if English is my language. How is I that I am insulting them but they are not insulting me. I speak French and I can work in French, but I AM English and English is not a dirty word…

  7. By minority anglophone from richmond bc

    Well done Quebec, don’t settle for cultural genocide. Either defend your language and culture or go extinct.

  8. By Michel Bilodeau

    Joint the club. I am a former Quebecer who has been living in Ottawa for 30 years and I also feel like an immigrant in my own country. There is only one official language in Ontario and we have a minister of francophone affairs. Even in Ottawa, it is very difficult to be served in French and don’t even think of working in French.
    Some mainly French towns have passed bylaws to force bilingual signs within their city limits but this has generated tons of hatred and racist remarks in the media and blogs.

    So what exactly are you complaining about ????

      • By Michel Bilodeau

        If Anglophones can no longer get jobs in Ottawa, how come the unemployment rate in Ottawa (excluding Gatineau) was only 5.8% last December when Francophone represent only 18% of the Ottawa population ? This is a statement that is totally contrary to the facts

        • Dude, federal government is the biggest employer in Ottawa, whose unfair hiring policies of imperative bilingualism affect Anglos’ EMPLOYMENT opportunities. Of that 5.8 % unemployment rate, all are anglos, 50,000 people. People are leaving Ottawa for western provinces as franco zealots push for mandatory bilingualism into all spheres of life and business. Canada is undergoing francization as Germany was undergoing germanization in the 1930s. It’s time for Anglos to PUSH BACK! RISE UP and REBEL!

          • immigrant… franco zealots don’t ‘push for bilingualism’. I push for bilingualism. Franco zealots push to remove english from Montreal. I fight for bilingualism. But then there are those other types of zealots, that think others should learn their language and accommodate them, without giving any effort to learn the historical canadian minority language. And to those I say – get the hell out of here, because you are the reason that this linguistic division still exists. It is that failure to accept the importance of real bilingualism by the rest of Canada that allows stupid PQ to win on linguistic and separatist claims.

    • I understand your worries, concerns and frustrations. Indeed, progress with bilingualism on the official level has been slow, especially since M Harper took office. We are aware of the fact that it is not only up to Quebec to make a bilingual effort and we strongly support the rest of Canada to put it’s efforts where it’s mouth is, so to speak. And if you are willing to look deeper, you will see that there are bilingual efforts across the country. The issue has become key since the 4th of September.

      We are complaining about being discriminated based on language in Quebec, the only province to officially declare unilingualism, despite statistical evidence to the contrary and despite that it is actually an advantage for it’s population to know many languages. We want things to change. For Montreal, for Quebec, for Canada. I hope you are with us.

  9. The Anglos is Quebec are in this position because they are cowards and not will to stand for their rights.
    You will get nothing until you demand it
    Rights can only be taken away if you allow them to be taken away
    Learn somthing from idle no more

  10. The Anglos should organize into a country-wide strike to demand abolishing Official Bilingualism in English Canada. Quebec rejected it and so should we.

  11. I think now, looking in the past at the great interview given by M. Lisée, anglophones have to stop complaining and unite in the effort of reconciling the two solitudes. And they need to remember they are not the only victims of the language restrictions. Put past aside for a moment and give peace a chance. Join us on the 17th of Feb in front of Mc Gill University to protest bill 14 together!

    But please, please do not forget that French were also historically oppressed by the English here, and it was their language that was removed everywhere, so it seems like some (a very select few, I assure you) have given themselves the role of supreme protectors of French. In the process they alienated thousands of people, even bilingual ones, who just want peace. Let’s not let the select few angry anglophones or select few pro-unilingual francophones dictate how things are to be done. We, Montrealers, know well we live in a BILINGUAL city, it is itès appeal and charm. Both languages need to be respected and promoted and they can both coexist. In fact, we need to fight the artificial segregation of our schools, hospitals, transportation, because Montrealer deserve integrated bilingual service. Indeed, if Canada is to stay united it will need to BECOME bilingual, not just state that it is. I hope you join me in this effort to give Canadian peace a chance.

    Concordia Salus!

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