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Holiday hangover

No, my head is not hurting, but my foot is.  I just stepped on a piece of LEGO as I was walking bare feet in my living room.

The holidays have come and gone. Unfortunately, the LEGO is here to stay. I look at my living room and it is newly decorated in a wide array of colourful LEGO blocks. We seem to have them all: Jurassic, Ninjago, the CITY series (fire, police and forest rangers), glow-in-the-dark Monster Fighters, etc. Not to mention the roaring dinosaur with red blinking eyes that activates when I walk by it, and the Playmobile Pirates shipwreck on my dining room table.  What happened to my Martha Stewart decor?  What happened to my cushions properly plumped and positioned on the couch? Oh yeah…. I had a child.  And he took over our living space.  (That is a whole other separate blog in itself!)

So back to the LEGO and other plastic “decorations” in my living room. Santa was very generous. Very, very generous. When I stare at all of the gifts my 5-year-old son received this Christmas I have to ask myself how much is too much? When we consider that so many children get by the holidays with so little, it begs reflection about the matter.

Prior to the holidays, my son had circled about 25 toys in one of the local store’s catalogue. I told him he had to make choices. I asked him to only pick 10. Then I ripped the pages from the catalogue and told him he had to only pick five. And he did. I am glad about this exercise as it forced him to make choices and understand that you can’t have it all.  But then you add the gift he got form his aunts, his cousins, his grandparents and some of my friends. It’s overload.

We need to rethink how we go about gift-giving during the year. I welcome any help you could give me about managing birthday and holiday gift-giving.

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