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Do you know what drugs your loved ones are on?

We had a health scare with a family member last week.

We were enjoying a nice dinner party at some friends’ house in Laval when the call came in.  We immediately left the dinner party and headed for the emergency.

When we got there, the hospital team was asking details about medication: name of medication, dosage, etc. Both my husband and I had a blank look on our faces. Or maybe it was a panicked look. You guessed it: we didn’t have this information on us.

It could be your grandparents, parents, spouse, children or close friend. The point is that if you are likely to be called if something major happens to someone you are close to, you should have very detailed information about the medication this person takes, and this information should be on you at all times. It could very well save their life. Imagine if your loved one is unconscious and each minute counts.

It’s not enough to have it on a piece of paper at home. You need to store this detailed information in your BlackBerry, iPhone, wallet or whatever method you use to keep track of important information. It should be with you at all times.

This process will take an hour of your time, two at most. Time well spent.

This weekend, I will be having this discussion with my parents, my two aunts I am very close with, my mother- and father-in-law and check in with my close friends who have me as an emergency contact person.

Again, time well spent.

And you, how will you spend your time this weekend?

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