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Have you noticed how gas prices vary widely lately?

Have you noticed gas prices lately?

Of course you have. Remember when the price of a litre was the same everywhere? Everyone wondered about collusion. Those days seem to be gone. Now, the price of a litre of gas can vary as much as 9 cents from one gas station to the next.

Tuesday evening, I filled up at the Esso at the corner of St. Charles and Hymus Blvds. in Kirkland. The price was $1.33-something a litre. Fifty dollars of gas and 20 minutes later, as I pulled off the highway in Vaudrueil, gas was selling at $1.29-something a litre at the Ultramar at the foot of the off-ramp at the St. Charles St. exit. I should have waited.

Last week, I bought gas at the Flying J in Vaudreuil. It was $1.38-something a litre. A few minutes later, while on St. Charles St. in Vaudreuil, down by the Tim Horton’s, gas was going for $1.29-something a litre. No one can accuse the oil companies of price fixing.

Now, commuters have to keep their eyes open, watch prices and be a little bit more strategic when it comes to choosing when to fill up.

So let’s talk about the best places to buy gas these days. Where is the best price in your neighbourhood? Where is the worst price? Do you drive out of your way sometimes to get a better price at the pump?

I look forward to your comments.

Brenda O’Farrell


  1. When you see a gas alert just go top up your gas tank anytime before 8:00 pm and you will get the best gas price offered that week.

    If you don’t mind paying in cash (some stations don’t have card readers), check out the prices in Kahnawake. I’ve filled up at $1.22/L two weeks ago

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