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What would it take for you to bang a pot in public?

There is something to be said about banging pots and pans. If you do it loud enough and long enough, it has proven to be an effective means of drawing attention to what the pot holders consider to be a wrong in society.

Last summer, students across Quebec effectively used the ploy to protest proposed tuition hikes. Night after night, pots were banged. At first, I had no sympathy for the students. The proposed increases were small. They were nothing more than a bunch of spoiled kids with an inflated sense of entitlement, I thought. And I was not alone.

But they banged. And they banged. They marched. And marched. Eventually, we started looking at how public funds were being spent in universities. And the point the students were trying to make came into tighter focus. They had a point. Public money was being wasted. Until that problem is dealt with, why should they be called upon to make up the shortfall?

And as it turned out, universities is not the only place where public money is being pilfered.

So let’s turn our attention to access to health care right here in our neck of the woods. Last week, it was revealed that the provincial health ministry is considering pulling the Lachine Hospital out of the Montreal University Health Centre network. The move is considered by all stakeholders to be a bad move that would harm services provided by the hospital.

In response, the borough mayor of Lachine, the mayor of neighbouring Dorval, local Liberal MNAs, members of the Lachine Hospital foundation and doctors at the facility are joining forces to mount a fight to stop the move. Among the tactics they are considering to use are going to court and demonstrating by banging pots and pans.

Given the effectiveness and symbolism of the gesture, is this the type of issue that would get you out on the street, night after night, to make a point. Have we had enough?

It’s the same in the Off Island, where plans for a much needed hospital might be put on hold by the Parti Québécois government. Have we had enough with all the stalling? Would you be willing to bang a pot in an effort to standup and say we deserve better?

Let’s get the conversation going. Add your comments below.

Brenda O’Farrell

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  1. Absolutely, I welcome the opportunity to be active in our democratic process. Participation should not stop with our vote. I am retired andI have the time, so yes, I’ll be there to make some noise.

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