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Should there be a crackdown on high school students smoking?

A resident who lives next to Beaconsfield High School this week complained publicly about students from the school loitering on his street smoking pot. He asked the town council to request a greater police presence and/or increasing public security patrols in the area.

Is his complaint valid? Is a crackdown warranted?

And what about at other high schools? Is the same thing happening on the side streets around John Rennie? Lindsay Place? St. Thomas?

But what about just smoking cigarettes? Would it be so controlling to crackdown on all smokers, regardless of what they are smoking?

I would like to get a sense of what people are thinking. Share your thoughts.


Brenda O’Farrell




  1. I used to work on Delmar Ave in Pointe Claire in the old Delmar Plaza and honestly the drug dealing and other things that were happening with the grade school students in both parks on Delmar would shocking. The Public Security would not respond to request and the Police never had enough presence to do anything about it. Having been involved with the town for a while I was told on repeated occasions that the Public Security were instructed not to bother with that area which made life there miserable since the older kids knew they could do anything and pretty much get away with it.

  2. If they crack down on one particular area of Beaconsfield, the kids are going to migrate to another area. BHS is a lost cause and will always be associated with Marijuana, no matter how many pubes or cops you send.

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