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Shelving plan to build a new north-south boulevard a symptom of a bigger problem

The Parti Quebecois has money to deal with what they are now calling the urgent need for separation. And somehow, Premier Pauline Marois has the budget to travel to Scotland in attempt to show solidarity for that country’s independent movement. But the PQ doesn’t have the cash to build the promised new north-south urban boulevard in western Pierrefonds.

If ever you needed another example of a pitiful display of petty politics, this would be it. We are a society without any true leaders.

And the sad thing is this is not new. Motorists in the West Island have witnessed this little show one too many times. This mythical urban boulevard that would link Gouin Blvd. to Highway 40 west of St. Charles Blvd. has been in the works for decades. It has been identified as a priority for the island; a means of reducing the traffic congestion on the other north-south links to the highway. Yet, it cannot be built.

It would be understandable if we could simply point the finger of blame at the PQ and say that a West Island project doesn’t make the cut because West Islanders have never supported the PQ. But therein lies the rub. The Liberals have long promised to build the road, but never managed to follow through on the project either. West Islanders have always supported the Liberals. But they are not rewarded or even given their fair share because the Liberals take them for granted.

What’s the solution?

A protest? I don’t think so. The West Island needs a leader. It needs a voice. It needs someone to stand up. It needs someone to say, “Enough.”

Geoff Kelley, if you are out there, feel free to respond.

Brenda O’Farrell


  1. By Notfallingforit

    Kelley, James and the rest of them are finally being exposed for what they are. But you and your paper are falling for the half-truths The urban boul is not for the benefit of the current Pierrefonds or Kirkland residents, it is to give the new 6000 unit development access to the 40. How do youn solve a problem by adding 8000-10,000 new cars on the road? How will that effect traffic on the 40? The urban boul would barely solve the problem with the current population, yet they want to add more cars. if they want to build the 6000 units, let the one who will benefirt the most, the developer pay for it. Wasn’t (Liberal) Lyne Beauchamp minister of the environment when Grilli got the ok to build (another Contrecouer?) And wasn’t it Worth was was happy to say in your paper a few months ago that she continues to support Mayor Tremblay. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck! Hypocrisy or downright incompetence. This whole projet doesn’t pass the smell test. We will remember.

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  3. As noted, the Liberals never got around to getting the urban boulevard built either. And it wasn’t for lack of time or opportunity. The now infamous A-440 urban boulevard has been in discussion since at least 1975. In the ensuing 38 years, more often than not, the Liberals were in power.
    And in spite of the years of taking West Islanders for granted the Liberals had the audacity of announcing the urban boulevard the day before the Provincial election was called on August 1st. There was Mayor Worth shoulder to shoulder with former Liberal transport minister Pierre Moreau and Liberal MNAs Yolande James and Pierre Marsan. It amounted to nothing more than a blatant attempt to ‘buy’ votes. Another one of their empty promises to a constituency they’ve taken for granted far too often.
    As to the leadership question, Ms. O’Farrell is absolutely right – there is none! Governance, that is to say leadership, has been replaced by management. And they aren’t even good at that!
    It is all a matter of priorities. And at the end of the day, regardless of the governing party, the issues of importance to West Islanders just aren’t on the list. Remember the old adage – no matter who you vote for, the government always wins!

  4. Let’s not forget that the highway 30 extension was supposed to ready for the early 70′s. I’m not surprised if we’re all dead and gone when this is completed.

  5. As Notfallingforit indicated, construction of this boulevard would lead to new housing developments and ultimately even more cars and congestion in the area. Anyone who thinks it would help improve the traffic situation there is naive. Thankfully, the decision to cancel the funding for this boulevard will help ensure the west island retains important green space for a few more years.

    I wonder how keen these developers would be to go forward with their projects if they had to pay for the infrastructure? We need look no further than the recent project a developer targeted for the Meadowbrook golf course in Lachine to get the answer to that. I demand that my taxes to go first towards maintaining and improving the existing transportation network, not extending it so these developers can line their pockets.

    PS: I wonder how much Grilli contributed to the Liberal party in the last election? Kelly and James must have been absolutely elated when Charest made the announcement. fully,

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