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Who’s got the coolest minor hockey sweater?

  • Lakeshore goalie Nick Fry wears new Panther logo on his chest.
    Lakeshore goalie Nick Fry wears new Panther logo on his chest.
    Photo credit: Gazette, John Kenney

Lakeshore Hockey unveiled its new sweater and logo last week. And as expected, the armchair critics were quick to weigh in with their opinions.

Some liked the new bolder Panther logo, while others thought the sweater lacked pizzaz.  

It got me wondering which minor hockey organization has the nicest looking sweater on theWestIsland?

And who comes up with some of the bizarre local team names?

I’ve met people from off-island communities can’t even name all three lakes that represent Trois-Lacs. (And no, Lake Ontario is not one of them!).

I suppose Hockey West Island can call themselves the Royals without sounding a tad pretentious.

After all, Pointe Claire’s own Autumn Kelly is a now member of Britain’s Royal family.

I’ve never seen a Cougar or Panther roaming along Beaconsfield Boulevard. Nor do I recall a Tornade or an Ouragan ever touching down in St.Laurent?

However, I do recall a flood in Pierrefonds in the 1970s when someone caught a carp at a gas station at the corner of St. John’s and Pierrefonds Blvds.

But somehow I doubt Deux Rives would ever name their team the Carps, a well-known bottom feeder. Ouch!

It’s nice to give your team a name some local significance. Les Patriotes is popular in Quebec.

My personal favourite?

That’s easy. I love the Lachine Maroons sweater – a remake of the old Montreal Maroons jersey.

In fact, I’m surprised more teams don’t borrow classic NHL colours.

Lakeshore’s bleu, blanc et rouge could easily go with a Habs or Rangers look. Instead of Rangers written in a slant across the front, replace it with Lakeshore?

And wouldn’t Deux Rives teams look better in a Bruins-style uniform?

The B logo on the chest could stand for the big, bad Barracudas?

I don’t believe there are any Dauphins in Rivieres des Prairies, but how about a Penguins? The Pierrefonds Penguins has a nice ring to it.

Dollard and Versant Ouest AA teams are known as the Vipers? A venomous snake, eh?

Okay, we get it, but I’d prefer to see the Dollard Red Wings or Versant Ouest Penguins, instead of the Ouragans. You could still name the team Ouragans but clad in Penguin colours.

  I recall seeing Chicago Blackhawks colours locally, and that classic uniform never disappoints.

Verdunused to be known as the Leafs.

Nothing beats an Original Six sweater, so why reinvent the wheel?

Maybe I’m just missing NHL hockey too much, but the vintage jerseys are just easier on the eyes.

Too many minor hockey sweaters look like all-dressed pizzas.

So, do you have a favourite team sweater?

And please, no Mighty Ducks jokes.


  1. By Jean Beliveau

    Sorry Lakeshore, all this print for the new uni’s… old ones looked better. W.I. has the best looking uni’s in Lac St Louis.

  2. By Hockeymom

    LOL! People can’t name all three lakes!! That’s funny. Maybe its becasue Trois-Lacs only represents HRS! Ile Perrot and Vaudreuil used to be part of Trois-Lacs years ago but are no longer part of the Trois Lacs association (except in AA). They represent Vaudr’ile (Drakkar) and they have pretty cool jerseys.

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