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Quebec messiah: part dieu

Last week, I wrote that the rise of a Quebec messiah – someone who will lead a civic revolt against Bill 101 – is long overdue. Thank you, reader Tony Kondaks, for pointing out three facts with respect to human rights violations, Bill 101, and its odious add-ons: 

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created ‘to guard against the tyranny of the majority.’

2. Ottawa’s representative in Quebec City, the Lieutenant-Governor, is required to sign any bill before it can become law. By extension, the withholding of such a signature is a veto.

3. “A promise of Confederation was that any provincial legislation that violated the rights of its minorities or individuals would be vetoed by the central government.”

So in effect, the tunnel-visioned  PQ is able to violate Quebec minority rights (from signage to schooling) simply by Ottawa hiding behind a rock.  The cowards that have titled themselves “honourable” federal members – our “fat-of-the-land representatives – are enablers of injustice. These pension-glutted pleasers should be ashamed of themselves. Small reminder: The country is officially bilingual, founded under both the French lily and the English rose, the true meaning of the poem Je me Souviens.

And the feds’ weaknesses, their puny reticence to stand up to a provincial bully since 1976, is disgusting. There is no discussion. Either we are equally French and English or as the separatists (who at least are true to themselves) believe, we should be two separate countries. But until that happens – if it happens – the law of the land should have been and should be enforced. To hell with politics.

The first stop – for the person who will lead the protest to restore the balance of cultures in Quebec – will be Ottawa. Demonstrators will point out the elephant in the room. And they will say, “Enough already. We’re not taking it any more.” Generations of families have been torn apart, forced in all directions. Companies have left, jobs have been lost.

Marches of perseverance worked for the students, it is starting to show a glimmer of hope for the natives and it will reap final stability for Quebec’s population. Businesses will return. People will have political certainty. Elephant 101 will have left the building.

Yes, before the Quiet Revolution, there was a glaring inequity in favour of the English. But Bill 101, despite getting our swift attention and straightening out the parabola of that inequity, has now stranded our society exactly on the other swing of the pendulum. It must swing halfway back and we must meet it in the middle. The mindset of getting even must stop. That almost bloodless civil war was for previous generations. It is time for linguistic equality.

The cause is there, the fight is right. We await the arrival of someone who will write their name in history books along with Louis Riel and Louis-Joseph Papineau. What an opportunity to advance our society. Again, where are you?


  1. By Tell the Truth

    The separatist elite is hell-bent on dragging the entire province on its Long March toward independent Third World country status, proudly carrying its red banner of poverty and totalitarianism. Anti-North America (because it’s English), anti-business, anti-education (because it costs money), anti-jobs, anti-competence = rich bribe money for the elite and poverty for all the rest of us. Until the whole province, French and English, liberates itself from these tired, old, insane people, Quebec will continue its spiral into the sewer of history. The movement will have to be led by the French because the English of Quebec are as intellectually bankrupt as the Federal Liberals. Québecois et Québecoises, debout! Réveillez-vous! Throw off this hideous elite that is destroying the province!

  2. By Peter Jones

    You can whine all you want in english or french, the fix was made about twenty odd years ago, Quebec will become more and more french and the rest of Canada will continue to cruise along in english .
    Who cares about the language minorities ? nobody in either federal or provicial governments . Time will remedy this problem.
    If you think otherwise look back on events over the past 20 years or so, history proves me right.
    Separation, good for election ranting, after the election it fades away until the next election.

  3. By Tell the Truth

    Quebec will become more and more backward. The senile-separatist elite has fixed its sights on transforming Quebec into a combination of Hillbilly Heaven and Leon Trotsky’s Dreamland. This is a huge risk for everyone who lives here. Yee-haw, comrades!
    And, yes, if you don’t want to be a language minority, vote with your feet. It is the only way and it always has been. The same applies to Francophones in other provinces except New Brunswick. (In N.B. they’re crazy — they think bilingualism can work and it’s a good way to be, and not degrading — what a bunch of nuts!)

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