Muscleup Heats up for West Island Community Shares

Muscleup Training centre is opening its doors for FREE starting Nov. 5. The catch? Donate a minimum of $30 to West Island Community Shares.

“We feel that this is an opportune way to encourage people that are looking to try an exercise facility and perhaps exercise a little bit more leading up to Christmas.” This organization does so much great work for our community, why not give a little back.” Each participant will be given a choice of 4 different  exercise programs that they can do. Muscleup is unlike your standard gym. It is a small boutique-style facility that prides itself with having the best and latest exercise tools, along with top-notch, licensed fitness trainers.

To learn more about Muscleup, please visit the web site


Date: 2012-11-05 at 8:00


Venue: Frances Michaelson
Address: 90 morgan road-suite 3b


Name: Frances Michaelson
Phone: 514-457-4111