Women’s Health & Wellness at LotusPetals Wellness

Women’s Health & Wellness Services offered on the West Island in Beaconsfield at LotusPetals Wellness by experienced and Registered Natural Health Therapist

Free 30 minute initial Consultation

Prenatal Therapeutic Massage  60 mins  $85

Postnatal Therapeutic Massage  60 mins  $80

AromaTherapeutic Massage (for Menopausal symptoms, Pre-menstrual symptoms, cramps and many more conditions)  60 mins  $80

Fertility Therapeutic Massage 60 mins  $140

Geriatric Therapeutic Massage  60 mins  $60

Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage (Mat or Table)  60 mins  $65

Facial Massage & Foot Spa  45 mins  $45

Facial Massage  30 mins  $30

Insurance receipts are available in Therapeutic Massage & Naturopathy on request.

90 minute & 100 minute Therapeutic services are also offered at reasonable rates.  Visit our website and see the full range of our services and Natural Health Products at LotusPetals Wellness in Beaconsfield at

Make an appointment on our website at for your preferred day and time of appointment.

Contact Dr Karmel Johal

Phone:Office 514-667 2152 or Cell 514-569 8122.




Name: Dr Karmel Johal
Phone: 514-667 2152