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Manoir owner fails to convince Pointe Claire council to approve brasserie’s expansion plans

This story has been updated.

Pointe Claire Mayor Bill McMurchie didn’t blink
Monday evening when the owner of Brasserie Le Manoir threatened to
close the landmark institution if the city continued to block his
$2-million expansion plans.

Real-estate mogul and restaurateur
Peter Sergakis led about 35 employees and supporters of Le Manoir in a
march to city hall. They headed into the meeting where Sergakis
deposited a 5,000-name petition.

His expansion plans hit a
roadblock after the city, under its new master urban plan, rezoned the
area near St. John’s and Hymus as residential, though giving Le Manoir
a grandfather clause to keep operating as is.

Sergakis said his
staff is working in “difficult conditions” and that it is necessary to
expand the kitchen, storage and eating areas, which would include a new
dining room open to those 18 and under to be erected between the
existing building and Hymus Blvd.

“I am asking you to be
reasonable, fair and allow us to do something,” Sergakis told the
mayor. “I’ll tell what I did. It’s not a secret. Last week, I put in
two walk-in coolers in the parking lot illegally. I did this because we
have no room to store our food. The facilities that we have there are
40 years old,” he added. “We cannot work there any more.

“The Manoir might be there another 50 years. Why can’t the city rethink its position?”

said council has been unanimous in its decisions regarding Le Manoir
and in limiting new development in that area to high-density

“The urban plan looked into the future of Pointe
Claire long term,” the mayor said. “It was decided by council, after
due consideration, that as far as the Manoir property is concerned, the
best eventual use of that property would be in high-density residential
development, like apartment buildings, but with the proviso that the
Manoir would continue to exist as it is presently used within the
framework of the existing building.”

Sergakis told the mayor he
is not backing down and suggested he might have to close the
40-year-old institution if his plans to expand the kitchen and eating
areas are refused, which has occurred on three occasions already.

you want me to tell the people of Pointe Claire that council refused to
discuss the issue of the Manoir, to allow it to continue to progress
for the next 50 years,” he told the mayor.

If Sergakis makes a
fourth proposal for expansion or rezoning, McMurchie said he shouldn’t
be optimistic about it being accepted by council.

“I don’t see council making another deci-sion. They have been unanimous,” he added.

Sergakis stated he respected that council was duly elected, he said the
decision to block his expansion was unreasonable and undemocratic. He
also asked when the next election was coming, with the mayor
responding, the fall of 2013.

As Sergakis, who spoke for about 20
minutes at question period, wrapped up his comments and started to walk
away from the microphone, his supporters cheered loudly. This prompted
the mayor to bang his gavel repeatedly and to call for order. When
Sergakis tried to respond, the mayor warned he would be removed by
public security if he continued, saying his time at question period was
over. This all took place just seconds after the mayor expressed his
gratitude to Le Manoir supporters for their orderly demonstration and
council chamber conduct.

After the meeting,
McMurchie said he wasn’t convinced Pointe Claire residents
overwhelmingly supported Sergakis’s proposed expansion over the city’s
urban plan.

“I wonder how many West Islanders were in the
audience tonight. How many West Islanders are on that 5,000 name
petition?” the mayor said.

McMurchie said the city’s long-term goals are to promote residential growth along St. John’s Blvd. near Hymus.

city doesn’t react in an emotional fashion when we make a decision,” he
said. “There are businesses that come and go in Pointe Claire. We don’t
comment on that.

“For example, when we see a trend or something
is happening with a certain class of buildings or demographics change,
we try to accommodate that. But somebody standing up and saying we’re
going to close the door, that is not a statement that’s going to
encourage us.”


  1. Did I ever threaten to defraud you????I did say becareful because you might get an earful from the waitress in public. Unlike yourself I have been raised to treat people with respect and dignity. You should watch your comments your lack of upbringing is really starting to show. I believe in Karma……perhaps you will come back in the afterlife as a waitress that works for the Manoir….lol…sweet dreams



  2. Funny, I heard very similar comments about the Cock and Bull on Saint-Catherine that he…. bought off….

    Please correct me if I’m wrong for this is just what friends have told me but what they’ve said is exactly what you wrote only a different name for the establishment. 

  3. By Alan Strand

    Since when is a forty-year-old bar an “institution”? Sergakis has made a career out of intimidating politicians, destroying neighbourhoods and generally getting on people’s nerves. I’m not sure what his idea of a “family friendly” establishment is, but if his other enterprises are any indication it will involve happy meals being served by topless waitresses with clowns providing pole dances for toddlers.

    If he follows through on his threat (which is highly unlikely) to close Le Manoir, Pointe-Claire will be the better for the loss of its proprietor.

  4. The restaurant has gone downhill. The service is horrible and the food is not even close to what it use to be. The Manoir had a unique quality that has been lost. No more expansion is necessary just bring back the old Manoir!!!

  5. By Anonymous

    Peter Sergakis would be wise to spend his time supplying good food and service at the Le Manoir as he has suceeded in ruining a decent place to eat and meet friends served by friendly long term staff. We all suspected when he took over that his aim would be to insert scantily clad bimbos instead of quality waiters.                                

    In the 2 short years he has owned it he has alienated his customers, staff and community with his arrogant bullying behaviour. There is not a person I run into that does not agree that the food and service just plain stinks, and WONT GO BACK.  Mr. Sergakis also bought The Hymus under a proxy owner knowing well the City rules about owning more than one bar in the community. Flaunting the rules will not gain him any friends at City Hall.  Good long term staff have abandoned him in both places and his pole dancing air headed waitresses certainly don’t add much to the local flavor. If Mr. Sergakis wants to enlarge his kitchen then use an area of the soon to be empty seats of disgruntled patrons. If he has the time to protest at City Hall then I’ll take him for breakfast at the Manoir where he can wait over an hour to be served a cold meal.  

  6. My comment was clearly in response to a comment posted by Mr Strand and it was indicated as such in my response. What I would like to ask is ..Are you Mr strand if not then perhaps you are the one that has difficulty reading,I can assure you my ability to take an order and serve my customer has never been an issue. I respect my customers and they respect me if not I refuse to serve them. There are still professional and skilled waitresses out there and some of us can be found at Le Manoir…

  7. By dark lillith

    Mr. Sergakis has created a mini-empire for himself and this is a bad thing apparently.  Amazing, the amount of vitriol against the man.  The point of the article would be permission to expand a kitchen and suddenly, flood gates of what I am left to assume is rabid jealousy are opened.

    Personally? I wonder how the Manoir had managed, up until the change of management, to put out, generally relatively good fare for a reasonable price.  I have tried the Manoir several times since the change and was unimpressed and disappointed.  The food was not awful but certainly didn’t match what was once offered.  The service?  Not great but in a place like the Manoir, where socializing is the usual reason for gathering, it wasn’t a big deal, just a minor annoyance.  Not being able to order a Molson product left me slightly gobsmacked.  If I drink a beer, I drink Molson Dry and I don’t think that being able to do so is unreasonable at a Brasserie.

    My experiences with the Manoir were annoying, disappointing enought to keep me away from the place, in the future. 

    A family style restaurant, with kids?  We have far and away enough of those on the West Island.  The Manoir, contrary to a poster’s assertion, IS in fact an instititution for most real West Islanders.  It was a place to meet your friends, for a good lot of us, the first place where we went when we turned 18 and legal.  Watching the hockey games, football and baseball.  A place for amateur sports enthusiasts to go following a game, to rehash and communicate, in real life, with human beings.  Not errant postings on Facebook. 

    The Manoir is no more.  There is no reason to visit.  The food is sub-par, the service is in dire need of assistance/guidance and the atmosphere is gone.  It is sad, for sure but that’s the way of things, isn’t it?  Sergakis’s business plans have worked well for him, kudos but the plans to enlarge the kitchen and change over to a family style restaurant may not be as successful as he would like.  West Islanders are a funny lot and when you mess with their institutions, the outcome may not be very positive.  I don’t care much either way, expand the kitchen, change the place from Le Manoir to Family Town…I won’t be a customer either way.  I work hard for my money and if I choose to go out for a meal, I want something palatable, something served in a reasonable amount of time.  I can’t get that at the Manoir, expanded kitchen or no. 

  8. By Anonymous

    Peter Sergakis has come up with a system that increases profitability at the cost of food quality and employees earnings. Waiters have to give a portion of their tips to the floor manager, something I have never even heard of before. They also have to split with the barperson and bussboy. Pay your managers a decient salary Peter leave the tips for the employees. He has cut all employee benifits. The staff we have come to know over the many years have all left or been forced out. They have been replaced by less experienced people who can’t keep up with the pace. As far as the food, the number of meals available is higher but the quality of the food bought is lower. Sure the plates are big and the portions look huge but I’d rather pay the same price to have a smaller plate with better quality food on it!

  9. Peter Sergakis has been intimidating people for years now; previous posters have mentioned many of the times/reasons, so I won’t repeat all that. However, I feel great that finally he’s met the immovable force that is Bill McMurchie and the Pointe Claire City Council. Mr McMurchie is a staunch and vocal Pointe Claire-ite, and under his aegis the city is doing remarkably well. I’ve not been to Le Manoir for several years – when I heard that Sergakis had bought it my first reaction was “oh, great – his version of Hooters on the Lakeshore” – and I guess that is the way it may go. He’s done enough shoddy and vulgar stuff in the City – no need to have it in the suburbs as well.

  10. By Anonymous

    I was not impressed with Le Manoir…tried it because of all the hype, but was very disappointed. A restaurant has to be more than just a nice terrasse…It will be no loss to me if it shuts down.

  11. By Anonymous

    As a current employee of him, I can tell you that Sergakis doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He won’t close anything down as long as there are Video Poker machines involved (which Le Manoir has 5). Or he will move everything over to Brasserie Hymus which he also purchased in a shady manor by sending a another buyer as front because those involved didn’t want to deal with him and when they found out it was him, it was too late. He’s already ruined the West Island institution that is Le Manoir.

  12. This is in response to Alan Strands comment about those that work at Le Manoir…you Sir may have little respect for the owner BUT please refrain from insulting the people that serve you and others. We are people who are trying to make a living and we work hard under sometimes very stressful circumstances. There are many business people that are Schmucks ie Trump…..but would you refer to his employees as “topless waitresses”?


  13. It is a shame that the Manoir has gone so down-hill – with its service and food, as it reflects on the waiters that have been there for years.  Why would this guy (other than for the money I know) would want to expand, is laughable.  The only line-up they might have is on Sunday for the brunch – but that’s it.  I can remember up to about two or three years ago, having to wait for a table on a Thursday or Friday evening – not true any more – summer or winter.  Why fix something that is not broken?  Try concentrating on a better menu and hiring people that are competent and polite, not with attitude.

  14. By Anonymous

    The good old days of The Manoir are OVER thanks to Peter Sergakis. Blue tablecloths and big screen tvs don’t make a decent restaurant. Everyone always knew where to get a great steak or roast beef…no more! I went in last week not recognizing any waiters except Bob…no more John who is Bob’s brother, or smiling Steve who had been there from such a young age. These great waiters could not take any more of Sergakis. Such a shame!!!! I wasn’t the least surprised to hear how he was able to buy the Hymus…such a shady character. He is not wanted on the West Island. Are there any rich entrepreneurs out there who could offer him a deal he couldn’t refuse? Just get rid of him on the West Island…he’s not wanted. I hope you read these comments, Peter, and see how many are NEGATIVE to wards you.

  15. By Anonymous

    I’m not sure whether I’m addressing someone with reading difficulties, but I can’t find the part of my post where I suggest that current Manoir employees are topless or, indeed, anything else. You must be thinking of someone else’s post. I hope you have less trouble writing orders than interpreting my criticism of one of the city’s less lovable personalities.

  16. By Anonymous

    Let me see: You’re threatening to defraud a customer who pays with a credit card. Isn’t that illegal? What other shenanigans are you up to? Spitting in the soup?

    I really didn’t mean to insult clowns, pole dancers or toddlers. Really.

    So you can pull in your horns. You’re not likely to see me in Le Manoir or any other establishment that provides the kind of service you seem to represent.

  17. By Anonymous

    The 1st and last time I went to Le Manoir was last year. My sister ordered the soup of the day and I ordered a steak. The quality of my steak was sub-par and it was gristly. My sister’s soup was stale. It seriously smelled like vomit and it remained untouched. When my sister brought it to the attention of the server, he just offered to get her another bowl of the same soup but she refused. Then to add insult to injury, he ended up charging her for the soup. If this is the type of slop and poor customer service that’s being subjected to patrons at Le Manoir, then I’m all for Mr. Sergakis closing it. Good riddance.

  18. Peter Sergakis claims that the Manoir is a West Island tradition and he should be allowed to expand in order to continue the tradition. He is right in that the Manior is a West Island tradional meeting place, or rather it was until he took over the ownership.

    He has turned the Manoir into a mediocre sports bar with a television in your face at every turn. Old patrons are no longer able to enjoy their traditional brew because Mr. Sergakis has decided that only one brewery will be on order. The staff has undergone a major upheaval with nearly all the old faces that became good friends over time have departed. The new hires are inexperienced and prone to errors making the service a far cry from what it used to be.

    Mr. Sergakis can`t use the traditional-meeting-place argument to further his own agenda. The Manoir, whatever it is now, is no longer the tradional meeting place that it once was.

  19. By Anonymous

    The 1st and last time I went to Le Manoir was last year. My sister ordered the soup of the day and I ordered a steak. The quality of my steak was sub-par and it was gristly. My sister’s soup was stale. It seriously smelled like vomit and it remained untouched. When my sister brought it to the attention of the server, he just offered to get her another bowl of the same soup but she refused. Then to add insult to injury, he ended up charging her for the soup. If this is the type of slop and poor customer service that’s being subjected to patrons at Le Manoir, then I’m all for Mr. Sergakis closing it. Good riddance.

  20. Yeah. We need more overpriced condos, or, even better, more place to put all the blue hairs – the boomers are ageing aren’t they?

    Revenue from multiple condo units in terms of taxation is much more appealing than business taxes to the city, which is in actuality the real reason behind all of this, like Sergakis or not, businesses are what offset the taxation level in Pointe Claire, this is not the first area rezoned by the city from commercial to residential and won’t be the last.  But believe me. Pointe Claire residents don’t want to become Baie D’Urfe or Beaconsfield with little to no business tax revenue….that’s when YOUR pocketbooks will get hit. 

  21. By Anonymous

    While I am not a Peter Segasis fan I can’t say that I am a fan of Mayor McMurchie and Pointe Claire city council either. Sergasis gives one the image of a sleazy operator who will mistreat anyone he controls such as his employees.One can only be grateful one doesn’t have to deal with him. As for Mayor McMurchie and the Pointe Claire city council, both have stayed far past their ” best before date”. McMurchie is a dictator who rules the council witrh an iron hand.He hides behind them pretending that they arrived at an independant decision whereas the reality is that the council does as it is told.The last noteworthy action by Mayor McMurchie was leading the movement to demerge Pointe Claire from the Montreal mess.

    Pointe Claire was once a model city under Mayor Seguin and later under Mayor Knowles.It is now just an industrial city outshone by it’s neighbour the City of Kirkland.Heavy trafficed residential streets in Pointe Claire have no protection for the children living there.Speed bumps are forbidden because in the far distant past someone lost control of their vehicle and sued the city.There aren;t any speed control stanchions either such as is frequently seen on other citie’s streets.We need a new mayor and an independant city council and 2013 is too long to wait.



  22. Mr Strand I am capable of both reading and taking orders from my customers…I also know an insult when one is thrown in my general direction. You also have some deep issues regarding pole dancing clowns and toddlers. I think you should choose your words more wisely in the future they seem to be more a reflection on your own shortcomings…please remember that this waitress will remember your name …the West Island is a small community..a word of caution when eating out do not pay with a credit card…you never know if your waitress has read your remarks…Bon Apetit Mr Strand


  23. By Anonymous

    Just atke a look at the Emplois Quebec job site each week and see how many job openings are available at the Le Manoir is easy to see how fast he goes through staff and I am sure its not due to the bar being that busy.

    If he is such an honest hard working business man why did he buy the Hymus under someone else’s name,he new the laws and as alway’s tries to find way’s around them, he will bring down the Manoir and the Hymus its just a matter of time

  24. By Anonymous

    I know that one waiter does not make a restaurant but the loss of Steve Jarvis sure feels like it! One waiter told our table that Sergakis has lost half of the pie when Steve quit. He was always smiling and anxious to please. There were four people at our table and they all filled out  comment cards stating that now that Steve is no longer there…they won’t be back. I am almost certain that Steve was #13 to leave due to Sergakis. The Manoir is just not the same without both John and Steve. Oh, well, they’ll come out on top!

  25. I have worked in the restaurant industry in Montreal for awhile now and one thing you know for certain is that when you go into a Peter Sergakis joint, the food will be horrible verging on inedible, and the draft beer will taste watered down but will somehow give you the worst hangover you have ever had. Peter Sergakis is a pitiful excuse for a restauranteur, and I have personally known people who worked closely with him who will tell you that he does not care about anything in a restaurant except profit, and that is why they normally all start failing as soon as he takes over. Just as long as the video poker and the beer is making money nothing else matters to Sergakis. The man is a disgrace to Montreal and to the restaurant profession.

  26. Although I no longer live in Pointe Claire, I did live there for about 20 years. I have visited this place many times and am saddened to hear they are under new management. What is even sadder though is that the city wants to put up more high rise apartment buildings. Why? Pointe Claire is a beautiful (and historic) town – why ruin it with ugly & tall apartment buildings? These people (city council) should be making/keeping Pointe Claire nice and not ruining it wih more concrete. Shame on them!

  27. By Anonymous

    I have no sympathy for this guy Peter Sergakis, he plays the community so he can line his pockets, he owns many bars on Ste Catherine street and when he wanted to expand one of them the people who live in the neighborhood were against it, he used a loophole to get his way, he got a couple of girls to run on the streets seeking signatures for his petition to expand, most of these people who signed did not even live in the neighborhood but the city allowed the petition. When the Habs were in the playoffs in 2010 and 2011 all i would here on game nights were those god damn extremely loud helicopters chopping the air flying over his establishment till 3 in the morning. Don’t fall for this guys sympathetic tune none of this is for the community it’s to line his pockets even more.

  28. Yup. No sympathy for Sergakis. I like the guy in a way and he has worked hard at bettering himself quite a bit. And, I am sure that if there was a way for him to offer a good product while making the profits he plans for, he would be the happiest guy.

    But that has not been the case. He runs ‘clip joints’ at best. The food ain’t that good and the prices are high, considering. The booze he does not brew and the buildings he does try to modernize but to what final quality? He is a franchise, cookie-cutter type restaurant and bar owner. He has no personal style. He is a landlord at best, not a visioned restaurateur.

    Peter, you should run casinos and own commercial real estate. Restaurants and bars? Leave that to people who have that rare talent.

    Stop trying to buy every politician in town because that will bring you down eventually.

    Montreal and the west island deserve truly great, unique restaurants and bars. That is not you Mr. Sergakis. Buy buildings and maybe try a pure casino if you want in on the entertainment and leisure market. Your restaurants and bars are mediocre at BEST!

    I don’t think a maire that stands up for the rights of residents is a tyrant. Lord knows we need more housing and commercial development should happen where it does not disturb the peace of resident citizens.



  29. The helicopter was for the possibility of riots because of the play offs. They flew over Guy and Cresent street. You really think that the city paid for a helicopter to fly over sports station?

  30. Great place for good food and relaxation. The City must be crazy wanting to ruin a business that is not only surviving but growing and creating jobs.

  31. By Anonymous

    So who are you his brother? It’s very wide-spread that the service and food at Le Manoir ha gone to hell and my prediction is that it won’t last too much longer when more people read these comments and reviews. GOOD RIDDENCE!

  32. By Anonymous

    This guy owns almost every bar in the city and now he is buying west island establishments,evey where he goes there alway’s seems to be some contoversey that follows him and the cities are alway’s out to get him,so he say’s.

    Since the new ownership the food is not as good and eitheir is the service,where is he going to find 5000 supporters from the west island,I would bet most of his supporters will be his employee’s from all the other bars he owns

  33. By Andrei Stoica

    I was one of the participants at the peaceful demontration last evening. I was stunned of the way this mayor acted in a despotic manner to impose his poin of view on the legitimate request for a temporary zone reconsideration. The request of the pwner of “le Manoir” are legitimate, but the mayor has his mind set. He reminded me of despots of eastern Europe many years ago and his language and tone are very antidemocratic. As one of Freuds assistans said,”once small mionds are given some powers, they will destry any rationality first.

    I know that the mayor was unoposed in the last election. I hope that people of Pointe Claire will toss this tyrant away. After all he will get his fat penssion anyways.

    Shame on the dictator!

  34. By Anonymous

    All Peter Sergakis is interested in is MONEY!!! He has lost nearly every long standing emoployee since buying the Manoir from those 3 wonderful gentlemen who owned it previously. On August 1st of this year, his employees benefits were cancelled…no discussion. I know of waiters who took money out of their own pocket to pay for customers breakfasts because they were so embarrassed for the long breakfast wait…11/4 hrs. is NOT reasonable! Le Manoir is looking great on the outside but NOBODY is happy there anymore. Sergakis has ruined it all.

  35. I can’t help but laugh at this. Just who do you support?  A mega weasal business owner that only cares about priofit, or a city that simply has too many rules and regulations…. Both hypocrites.

  36. By Anonymous

    I’m not going to take any sides but can someone please explain to me what’s wrong with Sergakis wanting to expand the kitchen and dining areas? It’s not like he’s asking to tear down residential buildings around the Manoir in order to make room for these expansions. Reading all the comments, it seems that people are more pissed off at his lousy treatment of the staff and the crappy food and customer service. Or jealous at the fact that he owns a lot of bars. Let the guy go ahead and spend a lot of $$ expanding the Manoir. Now that people know the current quality of service has gone downhill, they’ll start staying away in droves and the place will eventually go bankrupt.

  37. By Anonymous

    Peter Sergakis has ruined the Manoir. The place looks good but that’s it!! The steaks are no longer what they were. Last week I ordered a chicken sandwich and got tomato;that’s never happened before. I think he wants to sell it to the city for condos as was reported a couple of years ago. The place has lost some of their best waiters; it no longer has that same friendly atmoshere, with great service, and good food. We don’t need another St. Catherine St. I sincerely hope that City Hall does not give in to his needs and wants.

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