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Historical mural vandalized in Pointe Claire Village

  • Graffiti scrolled on historic Pointe Claire Village mural.
    Graffiti scrolled on historic Pointe Claire Village mural.
    Photo credit: THE GAZETTE

Vandals defaced an outdoor mural in Pointe-Claire Village over the weekend, breaking an unspoken rule among graffiti artists and leaving local residents sad about the future of the village.

Pointe-Claire merchants and local residents woke up Saturday morning to discover one of the panels of the mural depicting 300 years of Pointe Claire history, had been defaced with graffiti.

Unintelligible markings in silver paint were scrolled on a panel depicting Pointe-Claire Village in the 20th century, a snapshot of daily life outside the grocery store on the mainstreet.

“How low will people go?” said Roger Simard, the owner of L’Épicerie du Village, the now-closed Lakeshore Rd. grocery store where the mural is located.

Simard, who was the driving force behind the creation of the mural, said it was a heartbreaking thing to see.

When the mural was completed last spring, people came from across Montreal Island to admire the work. The mural depicts in vibrant colours 300 years of Pointe-Claire Village history, going back to 1713, when the village was founded as a parish.

“I hope they catch the culprits,” said Margaret Paterson, a local resident who said she saw the graffiti on Saturday. “We were absolutely disgusted.”

“Thoughtless vandalism,” said another passersby.

When the mural was unveiled, some residents expressed fear that it could be vandalized. Anyone can walk up and touch the mural and there are no video cameras trained on the mural.

However, members of the Pointe-Claire Village association told The Gazette at that time that they didn’t think it wise to talk publicly about the possibility the mural could be defaced. One noted there is an unspoken rule among graffiti artists — one that has clearly been broken — that you never paint over another artist’s work.

The incident comes at a time when the village has been wracked by bad news. The village grocery store went bankrupt earlier this month and, Canada Post has announced it will close the village post office, Oct. 5.

Last week, police from Station 5 arrested a 17-year-old male youth after he was spotted spray-painting graffiti on a stop sign. The incident took place on Dorval Ave. in Dorval on September 19, at about 3:10 a.m. When police intervened, they found four cans of spray paint in the youth’s back pack.

Montreal police community relations officer Liliana Belluci from Station 5 said the two cases do not appear to be related.

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  1. 1. It’s either VC or VO – hardly hard to deceipher.
    2. I can’t think of a street gang that goes by those initials, ergo, it’s likely kids. Is our entire society falling to pieces just because some schmuck punk kid tagged a wall – no, not in the slightest. Don’t be delusional.
    3. The mural itself is hardly historic. It was completed what, a year ago? It has zero patrimonial value, nor any historical significance. All it is a depiction of a highly romanticized notion about what living in Pointe-Claire many moons ago was like, and even then it seems to borrow very heavily from the style of Norman Rockwell.
    4. The Gazoo needs to cease playing fast and loose with what words mean and how they’re used.
    Yes, it’s a shame that the mural was damaged by vandals, ergo, perhaps its time we demand local authorities get creative in how they deal with the problem. Catch someone in the act? Force them to pay fines and do community service – namely by power-washing tags and graffiti.

    But don’t tell me the mural commissioned a year ago by the owner of a defunct grocery store is in any way historical.

    An actual historical site was vandalized in Alberta last week. Ancient Aboriginal petroglyphs were destroyed with a rock drill, compressor and picks – someone went to a lot of trouble to do the deed too.

    Let’s not conflate teenage idiocy with the actual crimes against our cultural legacy and historical record.

    Context, please.

  2. What the hell is wrong with people. The punk who did that should be locked up. Funny how the city of Montreal is a disgusting eye sore compared to some of the third world countries I have worked in.

  3. its VC. its the vagabond crew. castro vc, radz vc, guys like that. doubt it was them tho. maybe a copycat or member wit no experience or respect like fats. still dont think so tho

  4. By Beaconsfield Guy

    Unintelligible markings? Clearly says “VC”, probably the most visible tagging crew in Montreal. Good luck pinning it on anyone without witnesses or a spontaneous confession, the culprit could have been any one of a number of actual or wanna-be members.

  5. That mural is extremely racist and glorifies colonialism and the ongoing repression of first nations peoples. I’m surprised that it took this long to be tagged, it’s a pretty big target for any politically minded graffiti artist (aka most graffiti artists).

  6. By BaieResdient

    I like it when graffiti artists do big murals on places like Turcot rather than spray stupid tags all over legitimate artworks. At least then I have something to look at while sitting in horrendous traffic on the 20.

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