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Fight is on to save Lachine Hospital

Members of the Save our Lachine Hospital committee meet with Dr. Richard Lemieux Wednesday to discuss why it is crucial that the hospital remain with the McGill University Health Centre.

The news this month that Health Minister Réjean Hébert planned to remove the Lachine Hospital from the bilingual MUHC family and return it to French CSSS Dorval–Lachine–LaSalle management caused an immediate, negative reaction.

Hébert appointed Lemieux to meet with the committee about the future of the hospital.

When the switch was first reported, Hébert said the motivation behind the plan was to help preserve the hospital’s French character.

A handful of language-related complaints had been made.

“What I’ve heard is that there were five complaints,” Lachine Borough Mayor Claude Dauphin said. “And that’s in five years. It’s not perfect, but where in the world are things perfect?”

One or two complaints, he said, focused on a lack of French in the hospital; while one or two dealt with a lack of English.

Dauphin co-chairs the committee with Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau. Marquette Liberal MNA François Ouimet and Lachine Hospital Foundation board chairman Jacques Filion are also on the committee.

The Save Our Lachine Hospital committee was formed six years ago when the hospital was in danger of closing.

There were demonstrations and a petition circulated to prevent the closing.

The hospital, which turns 100 this year, was ultimately transferred from the CSSS to the MUHC and the government at the time promised $63 million to upgrade facilities.

“The people I talk to, both French and English, are happy now because the hospital has more doctors and more surgeries,” Dauphin said.

After Hébert’s announcement, another Save Our Lachine Hospital petition has been launched. “It’s important to keep going with the petition,” Dauphin said.“We already have 5,500 signatures in just a couple of weeks. Six years ago we got 6,000 signatures, but over a few months. Petitions do make a difference. They are democracy at work.”

To sign the petition online, go to assnat.qc.cafr/exprimez-votre-opinion/petition/Petition-3477/index.html

To sign the petition in person, go to:The Lachine Hospital Foundation (650 16th Ave. Suite #2 D3); the Lachine borough office, 1800 St. Joseph Blvd.; the Saul Bellow Library (800 Sherbrooke St., Lachine); the St-Pierre Library (183 des Érables St., Lachine); Dorval City Hall (60 Martin Ave.); the Dorval Library (1401 Lakeshore Drive); the Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre (1335 Lakeshore Dr., Dorval); the Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre (1935 Parkfield Ave., Dorval) and the Marquette riding office (655 32nd Ave. Suite #202, Lachine)

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  1. The link didn’t work for me, so here it is anglicized;

    Also a friend of mine who works in the hospital told me that if it goes back to the CSSS it’ll be returned a ambulatory service center, frankly I prefer going to the Lachine hospital, smaller line ups, more accessible parking, and the nurses don’t look like they hate their jobs. That last one’s a joke…sort of.

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