Dollard des Ormeaux

Pickpockets steal woman’s necklace in Dollard des Ormeaux

Montreal police are warning people to be on the lookout for pickpockets who distract their victims while stealing their jewelry.

One woman lost her necklace and another almost lost her bracelet to pickpockets, Oct. 24 at around 5 p.m., in Dollard des Ormeaux.

Montreal police constable Chantal Castonguay said the mother and daughter were at the corner of Anselme Lavigne St. and Westpark St. when they were approached by two female suspects who asked them for directions to the nearest dentist’s office.

One suspect began talking about how they were looking for a gift for her father’s birthday and began showing the women jewelry. The two suspects draped the jewelry on the women’s necks and wrists while talking to them quickly, in both French and English.

One suspect managed to remove the victim’s necklace without her noticing. A safety chain on the other woman’s bracelet prevented its theft.

The two women were left holding the suspects’ trinkets while the suspects got into a relatively new, four-door, black car with two men.

One suspect was around 45 years old, with gold and silver teeth. She was wearing a purple skirt and a head scarf.

The other suspect was around 35 years old with a short ponytail. She was wearing a long skirt.

On Sept. 21, police arrested four suspected pickpockets, two men and two women, and charged them in connection with 12 pickpocketing crimes. The four were allegedly using a junk-jewelry scam as the lure. The four have since been released with a variety of conditions attached.

Police are warning women to keep their handbags closed and to hold them against the front of the body. They are also suggesting people have a heightened awareness of what is going on around them and not to let noisy people distract them. This is one of the techniques pickpockets use to distract victims.

Police suspect there may be more victims of this type of pickpocket crime out there and ask that people with information call 911.

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  1. By Sheela Iyengar

    My brother in Oakville, Ont suffered the same fate with 4 people, 2 men and 2 women. He was mowing his lawn one afternoon and a car stopped on the curbside. One guy came to him and asked him if he’s Indian to which he said yes. Then he spun a yarn about his father having died in India and was a jeweller there. In his memory he has been giving away jewelry to any Indian he sees on his way, he told my brother. Then he gave him a necklace and a bracelet. Later a woman in the car invites him to come near and then she puts similar fake ornaments on my brother. Only after they left did he realize that they had taken away his gold chain, which was around his neck! The Oakville Police earlier had warned its citizens in the neighbourhood paper about these types of robberies going on but my brother missed reading it. I believe, they are Romas. From their names, it’s obvious that they have Romanian names.

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