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$28,000 raised for West Island Community Shares

A fundraiser for West Island Community Shares has collected $28,000, 100 per cent of which will go toward community services underwritten by the non-profit organization.

Nine pharmacist-owned Pharmaprixs in the West Island raised the money through a five-week long Tree of Life Campaign that wound up Nov. 2. During that time, shoppers were invited to donate to WICS: a loonie to put a leaf on the tree; $5 a butterfly; $10 an acorn; and $50 a cardinal.

“The Tree of Life campaign results allow us to reach one of our goals of improving women’s health in the West Island; more than 15,000 women will benefit,” said Caroline Tison, WICS executive director in thanking the pharmacies’ staff members for their efforts.

“We look forward to doing it again next year,” said Faouzi Fassatoui, a pharmacist and owner of Pharmaprix Plaza Shakespeare on St. Jean Blvd. in the same media release.

Last year, a record $1.1 million was raised for West Island Community Shares by local fundraising events. The organization supports 36 West Island organizations who deliver essential services for West Islanders dealing with cancer, autism, anorexia, social isolation, substance abuse and mental health among other issues.

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