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Beware of thieves bearing gold: Police

Last month, police arrested four suspects in connection with a wave of thefts in which principally older victims were distracted and, then, fleeced of jewelry.

Ionel Caldararu, 22, Filip Stan, 24, Mariana Sirbu, 24, and Uneria Miclescu, 22, were arrested October 19 and, charged with 12 counts of theft under $5000. They were released on various conditions.

However, new reports of the scam continue to come in, according to police. A release from the Montreal police, north division, warns other criminals are likely using the same modus operandi.

Two such incidents were reported only last week in Pointe Claire, said Montreal police community relations officer Lilliana Belluci at Station 5.

Typically, unwitting victims are stopped on the street, approached at a bus stop or visited on their front porch by two or more suspects. A suspect then places a fake necklace or bracelet on the victim while stealing the victim’s genuine jewelry.

Anyone who believes they have been victimized by the four accused or anyone else in this way are asked to call 911 or their neighbourhood police station.



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