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Pointe Claire Village gets another new grocery store

 Another new grocery store has opened in Pointe Claire Village, three months after another grocery store in the same location went bankrupt and, 18 months since a third grocery store, also in the same spot, closed its doors.

The new Lakeshore Rd. store, Euromarché du Village opened November 1. It is one of six grocery stores owned by Euromarché, a Montreal-based chain specializing in small- to medium-sized grocery stores tailored for the neighbourhoods in which they are located.

Early Tuesday morning, both Tony Saltarelli, the chain’s founder and president and, Georges Ghoraieb, the Pointe Claire Village store’s new manager-owner were going through the store looking for ways to bring back the business.

“We are trying to cater to local people’s needs,” said Ghoraieb, noting how starting next week the store will taking orders over the phone and home-deliver, a service he anticipates will be popular with older Village-area residents.

“We have hired new staff,” Saltarelli said. “Our fruit and vegetable man has 30 years of experience. We brought back the head cashier,” he added. “We will have more imports, a lot of Mediterranean and European products.”

The store will continue to offer all the groceries you would expect to find at one of the big chain stores, he said, but it’s the extras that will make the difference.

“Ghoraieb has a Lebanese background so you can expect marinated meats like shish taouk and shawarma” along with tabbouleh, pizzas and Italian specialties, Saltarelli said.

“We are making kafta (minced meat with mint) today,” Ghoraieb said.

Both men had praise for Roger Simard, the Pointe Claire Village pharmacist who stepped in, renovated the building and, opened l’Épicerie du Village last April, filling the void left when the long-time IGA closed in the same location in May 2010.

But Saltarelli said grocery stores have become highly competitive and it is hard to make a go of it without years of grocery store expertise. He said the chain’s background — three of its stores were former bankruptcies — positions it well.


  1. Although I live in Cedar Park Heights area, we often go to the PC village; vet, eyeglasses, Bank National ATM, Ice Cream, Plants, bike shop etc. Just last week I had the opportunity, so I went inside this new grocery, out of curiosity of course, unfortunately my shopping was completed elsewhere, but still I ended up buying a few things. I agree with the comments made by the new owner, they seem to know the grocery business. I have suggestions to the new owner; deliver your circular to my area. I would love to know what’s on special, take advantage and buy my other groceries at the same time and also put in one of those self-serve coin operated coffee machines. Good luck

  2. I’m big on fresh vegetables. I see lots of old produce, advertised on sale which is why I go there. FYI I don’t need old mouldy vegetables. And every time I go in, I pass the owner who never looks at me. Enough said. Oh how about getting cashiers who speak English and make eye contact instead of talking to their best bud???

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