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Pierrefonds considers condo project that would see heritage home moved

  • Maison Joseph Theoret on Gouin Blvd. in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
    Maison Joseph Theoret on Gouin Blvd. in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
    Photo credit: Courtesy city of Montreal

A public meeting in Pierrefonds on a waterfront condominium complex that would require several bylaw modifications, demolitions and the relocation of a heritage home from the 1700s, brought out a large angry crowd earlier this week.

Between 50 and 70 residents turned up at a planning advisory committee meeting at Pierrefonds borough hall Monday night to express opposition to a new development proposed for waterfront on Gouin Blvd. at Aumais St.

The development consists of two eight-storey condo towers directly on the back river — one on either side of the relocated Maison Joseph Théorêt, circa 1780, a sloped-roof heritage home recognized by the city of Montreal’s Conseil de Patrimoine.

Montreal developer Oren Vered is behind the 132-unit project now being studied by the borough’s planning advisory committee because it requires modifications of existing zoning which stipulates among other things, a two-storey height limit.

On Tuesday, a borough spokesperson said the outcome of Monday night’s meeting, specifically the planning committee’s recommendations to council, will not be made public until the borough’s next council meeting Dec. 3.

Hugues LaRivière, a Pierrefonds residents who attended the meeting, said he and other residents are concerned about the increased traffic, loss of river views, shadowing from the tall buildings and, of course, the fate of the Maison Théorêt.

Convinced the proposed project will have a negative impact on property values and quality of life in the now quiet neighbourhood, he said, residents are looking for ways to halt the project.

The development can only go ahead with zoning modifications covering three existing properties, which the developer would need to acquire — the Maison Théorêt at 14784 and 14790 Gouin Blvd., a fourplex at 14702-04 on Aumais St. and, Lucky Tech, a commercial machine shop on Gouin Blvd. at the corner of Aumais St.

If the borough council grants the bylaw modifications the developer is seeking, LaRivière said, he and other residents plan to open registers so that they could force a public consultation that could shelf the project.

Meanwhile, he said, another resident is spearheading a campaign to see the Maison Théorêt preserved in its existing location under Quebec’s cultural property act.



  1. Moving any heritage property is simply not done because it destroys the heritage value of the property. End of story. Any municipality that would allow a heritage property to be moved should not have any responsibility for any Heritage Property. Unfortunately, many municipalities in this province and others as well are incapable through ignorance and insensitivity of caring properly for their heritage properties. It is a great pity.

  2. By louis daniel

    I live in trois-rivers now but I’m from Pierrefonds. The house must stay where it is wy mouving the house just to please a fews persons. Wy washing out history relocating is not the same as keeping it as it is now and has been since a long time.

    Not hapy about this news

  3. By Michael McGregor

    The easiest solution is to move the Councillors out these people have done nothing for the Patrimone of Pierrfonds buildings along Gouin and other areas. They are more interested in satisfying the Developers than the existing residents. Remeber also these councillors are part of the Tremblay engine (where does Worht sit in city Hall)

    if they cant respect the people that voted them in then get them out of council and lets vote in a council that respect patrimone and environment.

    in this case leave the house alone and get rid of the councillors!

  4. McGregor said “in this case leave the house alone and get rid of the Councillors”

    The residents of Pierrefonds are too lazy to get off their butt and vote.

    This is clearly the results if people do not get involved in their community.

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