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Two nine-storey condo towers approved in Pointe-Claire

Pointe-Claire has given the green light to two nine-storey condominium towers to be built facing Fairview shopping centre on Brunswick Blvd.

The project, to be built on a 213,000-square-foot lot, the former location of the Mirabel Raquette Club, which was demolished in late 2010, will include 700 units.

On Monday, Pointe-Claire council approved a minor exemption request to allow nine floors instead of the eight permitted. Despite the change, the actual height of the buildings will respect the existing height limits. The city also approved the architectural plans for the multi-unit residential complex.

The project will see about 700 condo units built on Brunswick Blvd., said director general Nicolas Bouchard, adding rows of townhouses were developed nearby last year on the side streets.

“It’s going to help the base of housing offered to citizens,” he said. “Adding 700 new units is quite significant.”

The high-density zoning for the area was part of the city’s new master urban plan adopted two years ago.

Meanwhile, the city is studying traffic flow in the area.


  1. By Pointe Claire Residents

    It is very upsetting to learn that the city of Pointe Claire has approved two nine storey towers facing Fairview. The residents of the newly built townhouses backing that piece of land were told that 4-6 low to medium density condos were being built and we were assured that the property was not zoned for high density traffic. Given the fact that the high density zoning was part of the city’s new master urban plan adopted two years ago, we were deliberately misinformed by the builder.

  2. At rush hour have you ever seen the traffic going in and out of Fairview shopping centre? 700 more cars to pass through the intersection of St Jean and Brunswick Blvd once the units are occupied. That is going to be some crazy crazy traffic.

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