Fire ravages home in Pierrefonds

Burning bed covers triggered a fire that caused major damage to a home on Antoine Faucon St. near Grilli St. in Pierrefonds on Nov. 18.

A 50-year-old woman sleeping in a bedroom on the main floor of the house was wakened by a smoke alarm at 4 a.m., said Const. Daniel Maheu of Montreal Police station 5. She immediately went down to the basement, where her 21-year-old son was sleeping, and discovered his bed covers in flames. She tossed the burning covers into the shower stall of an adjacent bathroom and the two escaped as the flames intensified.

By the time the firefighters arrived, flames were shooting through the roof. Firefighters fought to prevent the fire from damaging neighbouring homes.

It is not known what started the fire.

The mother was treated for minor burns to a finger and the son was treated for minor burns to his head and one arm.

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