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Residents jam meeting on Senneville’s future

It was standing room only at Senneville’s community centre on Sunday.

The council held an information session to discuss the creation of its new urban development plan that must conform to the Montreal Metropolitan Community’s sustainable urban development plan that was adopted 18 months ago. It must also conform to the Agglomeration Council’s urban development plan, which won’t be presented as a draft until spring 2013 and adopted in 2014.

Senneville is aiming to present its draft urban plan for public consultation in February.

Jane Guest, president of Senneville As a Village Environment (SAVE), said the biggest concern for people was to keep population density down in the area and what was going to be done with a former golf course and a portion of what its called the McGill Forest, which is currently zone for golf and institutional development.

Guest said a compromise would be to use part of the land for a research and development facility, but that the best-case scenario would see the land rezoned as a protected green space.

No detailed plans for its development were presented at the meeting.

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