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Federal New Democrat MP Isabelle Morin sidelined by illness

Federal New Democrat MP Isabelle Morin (Notre Dame de Grâce-Lachine) has announced she is taking a temporary leave of absence from her duties after being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a condition characterized by a partial paralysis of the muscles of the face; it requires medical treatment and complete rest, usually for between four and six weeks.

The 27-year-old Morin was diagnosed after undergoing tests at an Ottawa hospital last week. She is now resting at home in Lachine, Nicholas Salter, Morin’s constituency assistant said on Monday.

Morin is concerned about the prospect of missing an important vote in the House of Commons before the House adjourns Dec. 19 but, Salter said, she is following doctor’s orders.

She has also been forced to issue apologies to organizers of several community events that she can no longer attend and has cancelled her constituency holiday party scheduled for Dec. 9 at Missione de l’Annunziata church in Lachine.

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