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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Restrooms on boardwalk demolished

  • Tourist kiosk and public toilets on the boardwalk in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue was razed Nov. 28.
    Tourist kiosk and public toilets on the boardwalk in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue was razed Nov. 28.
    Photo credit: John Mahoney, The Gazette

The owners of an eatery are rejoicing that Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue has finally demolished the triangular-shaped building on its boardwalk that housed an information kiosk and public washrooms.

Myliène Roy, co-owner of Miki’s since last year, is delighted the old toilet that had been on the boardwalk behind her pizzeria was taken down Nov. 28. It had irked Roy and the previous owners of Miki’s. The structure blocked their customers’ view of the lake and, during the summer, the procession of boats that pass through the locks at Ste-Anne’s.

Roy said while she and her husband have been trying to enhance the use of their terrace this past year, the previous owners never bothered because of the nearby toilet structure, which, she added, wasn’t always kept spotless.

“All summer we have been disappointed. People want to try our restaurant and they come to the terrace and then they see the toilet,” Roy said, adding it also made it difficult to attract new customers strolling on the boardwalk. “People come to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to see the nice view and everything.

“We were praying for the dream to come true. Now it’s done. We are just so happy,” she said of the toilet’s demolition. “I swear, some people didn’t know we had a terrace because all the view was hidden by this building.”

Roy is looking forward to next summer and expects business to pick up now that most of the $14-million street/infrastructure overhaul in the village has been completed and the boardwalk near her pizzeria is cleaned up. She favours a proposal to use the former washroom site for an outdoor exhibition or cultural space.

“It would be really nice,” she added. “We’ll be much more busy.”

Last month, council voted 4-2 to award a $9,000 contract to Excavation Baie-d’Urfé Inc. to demolish the boardwalk washroom.

In July, in anticipation of the removal of the washroom building, the city installed a unisex, disabled accessible, self-flushing restroom, which will be open year-round, near an esplanade and a bike path by the foot of the Galipeault Bridge.

The cost for the new washroom, removing the old one and remodelling the old boardwalk site will total about $200,000, Ste-Anne director general Martin Bonhomme said.

The new sanitary module was furnished by Boisbriand-based Groupe Marca Toilette Mobile Star Suite, which had been awarded a $152,000 contract in June.

The two councillors who voted against the project, as well as some disgruntled residents, dubbed the new facility the “golden toilet,” citing the high costs.

“It was a financially foolish project,” councillor Paola Hawa said, adding she expects the overall cost to the city from this “toilet fiasco” will end up being closer to $350,000.

Hawa said some city officials told merchants more public restrooms will be added, but she doesn’t know where they would be installed.


  1. The funny thing is, as a resident, I am not going to be frequenting Miki’s anyways. Their menu is more “pizza and subs” thus not what I would consider boardwalk dining for my wife and I. Plus to top it off, the current owner bought the place knowing that toilet was there, so all her complaining fails on deaf ears when it is all the fault of a poor business plan.

    To be serious, the toilet replacement WAS closer to $250,000, but, at the same time they need to rebuild some kind of utility unit to house the boardwalk electrical needs and that structure was also the storage unit for all the equipment for the shows they used to hold on the boardwalk so again more money will have to be spent on that. Was it financially foolish, maybe not, but maybe for a town with a limited budget and a number of much more urgent infrastructure needs, maybe it would have been OK to break that election promise to a single merchant. Lord knows they broke every promise they made to use residents.

  2. What a lie. You can’t see the toilet inside the building. Taxpayers paid $250,000 to make this owner happy???????
    Now that’s what you call election favours.

  3. Face it ! This toilet had no place being …..front and center, where it was …..Plus it blocked a restraurant, if you ownd… that location you would be piss’d! Im glad it’s gone !! As for the food at Miki’s last time I ate there… best chicken pita custom made with pizza cheese and red hot sauce and there pizza is right up there too !! and is probably the best dollar value on food in town !! Now if you wana grip and wine ..look at the bridge/overpass thats STILL closed or the walkway that you will probably never use !!

  4. Food at Miki’s is right up there with the best Michelin rated eateries. What a laugh. It’s a wonder they’re still in business.
    You’re obviously the owner of Miki’s

  5. The only thing stopping Miki’s from making money is the fact that the owners treat local regulars like garbage. I was going there for over ten years and while the food was just decent, always over-priced, it was passable. These two couldn’t run a business for their lives. The woman in the article happens to be utterly rude and unprofessional.
    Hey Myliene, if someone spends $5-10 at your hole 3-5x/week all year, that brings you more income than the boat people who may drop $100 three times a year.

    Idiot. .. do the math.

    “Do you know who I am?”

  6. By Elsie Treize

    So let me see, there used to be 4 or 6 toilets, and now there’s one? That one toilet therefore will be used six times as often as the previous toilets, so it’s going to break down frequently. I hope Miki’s will be allow people to walk in and use their restroom!

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