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Four arrested in connection with Pointe Claire parking lot thefts

Three men and one woman were charged late last month in connection with yet another West Island scam that employed distraction to rob unsuspecting victims.

The four individuals were arrested by police Nov. 27 in a parking lot near the corner of St. Jean and Brunswick Blvds.

In this case, police said, one individual would approach the unsuspecting victim just as they were about to drive away and warn them there were nails behind their tires. When the victim got out of the car to investigate, police said, a second suspect grabbed valuables that had been left in the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Police had set up a sting operation after receiving complaints from members of the public.


  1. By Theo Teorohde

    The Police should do something about the beggars near the Pointe-Claire Maxi grocery store. Last week there was a woman with a sign begging for money, wandering on St-Jean when the traffic light was red. The sign said she needed money to feed her 3 kids – and she was also pregnant! I have encountered these beggars with signs in the Maxi parking lot also. Once I even ran into a beggar inside the store. I told the cashier on the way out and she said that’s not allowed and ran off to tell a supervisor. Is any of this against the law?

  2. By Elsie Treize

    I’m so glad they were arrested. What a horrible thing they were doing! I suppose if we genuinely want to help someone in a similar situation, a real situation, we’ll say, “Just don’t move your car, hold on a sec, I’m going to kick these nails out of the way!” Myself, I’m hopeless at parking in tight spots, but I think the best thing is probably to park in the crowded part of the lot – where more people are coming and going? What do others think?

  3. Why not:
    1-when you park you car look around before leaving to see if there is anything unusual /or people in their cars. Before entering the store(if you saw people) peek back to see if they get out of their car.

    2-when you return do the same routine look and check for things around and or on your car.You will know if there is or is not.
    3-if you have already shopped and placed things in your trunk- and then proceed to another shopping area-do not open your trunk. People will see quite quickly that there is something there and make a quick move just after you enter the store.
    4-after putting something in your trunk(especially electronics) when you depart-look for another vehicle that maybe leaving at the same time. They maybe following you to your next stop and then”surprise”! Remember the type of vehicle color etc. to see if they are keeping close.
    5-if you make a purchase of expensive electronics, when leaving the store again look around and watch as you walk out-someone maybe consistently close behind.
    6 as commonly suggested never leave anything inside you car-not even covered!

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