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Convicted sex offender William Parsons released on bail

  • William Parsons was granted bail pending appeal of his conviction of molesting three young girls.
    William Parsons was granted bail pending appeal of his conviction of molesting three young girls.
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Dollard des Ormeaux sex offender William Parsons has been released on bail pending an appeal of his January 2012 conviction.

Parsons, now 72, was found guilty of sexually abusing three little girls at his late wife’s Dollard des Ormeaux daycare five years ago. Parsons was sentenced Nov. 22 to three years in jail.

In a four-page ruling, dated Dec. 11, Quebec Court of Appeal Judge Jacques Fournier stated the public’s interest would not be served by Parson’s immediate detention and, released Parsons.

In reaching his decision, Fournier noted that Parsons was free on bail during his trial and that he respected his bail conditions during that time. He said it was unlikely that Parsons would recommit an offence.

However, he ordered that Parsons abide by a number of bail conditions.

Among them: he must reside at his present home in Dollard; report every second Monday to police at the SPVM’s Station 4; and abstain from having any contact – including communicating by any means – with a person who is under the age of 16 years without the supervision and the presence of a person of 18 years or older.

No date has yet been set for Parson’s appeal, said René Verret, a spokesperson for the crown.


  1. Abusing 3 girls equals only 3 years in prison?? Then out on bail?

    No wonder there’s plenty of abusers around, the consequences are hardly deterrent.

  2. We live in a society that protects abusers & not the innocent children that were violated. Anyone that can hurt a child is the worst kind. This monster lives in a residential area, imagine you were raising kids there?

    I am so ashamed of our justice system.

  3. By Jim Meldrum

    The justice system is unbelieveable. Molester released on bail. Child slaughterer released after only serving what amounts to a holiday. Jim

  4. Does anyone care about the three children…. They will have those horrific memories for the rest of their lives
    while this creep is out on bail to terrorize more children…. He is not being watch 24 hrs a day is he ?
    why does he get a second chance ??? the chrildren don’t

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