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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Ste-Anne holds line on residential taxes in 2013

Ste. Anne de Bellevue is holding the line on property taxes.

The city, as part of its 2013 budget, announced residential property taxes will remain the same overall rate as was the case in 2012.

The owner of an average home, valued at $309,695, will have a municipal tax bill of $3,021, of which $1,117 is for local services and $1,904 is for agglomeration charges.

Tax bills will be sent out this week and can be paid in two instalments, with Feb. 15 and May 15 deadlines.

Ste. Anne adopted a $17.6-million budget on Dec. 18. Spending in 2013 will increase about four per cent from 2012. Just over $9 million of that amount is allotted for the small town’s share of Montreal agglomeration charges for regional costs.

Ste. Anne also tabled its three-year capital works program, with about $3 million in projects slated for this year, $6.2 million for 2014 and $4.5 million in 2015.




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  1. Thanks for deferring the tax hike, im sure your will hike it later, In the mean-time how bout the Bridge at the 40, still closed with no plan to open anytime soon, and the town sidewalks totaly blockd with snow, look at Sub-Way … You cant pass there safely …. plus there is no where to park…people running restraunts and other shops have taken them All.. I cant wait till summer, farmers market vendors will use up what ever space is left, might I suggest you keep it at the local Church, let them deal with the parking issue there …Not ON Main Street….Thanks to the local drug store thats willing to deliver, other wise we would blow off St Anne’s….. so whats the deal at town hall- St Anne’s

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