Senneville launches organic-waste collection program

The Town of Senneville has launched a new organic-waste collection program and the collection of domestic garbage has been reduced from twice a week to once a week.

In the weeks to come, each household will receive a brown, 120-litre bin on wheels for exterior use, a brown, seven-litre, kitchen bin and a starter kit outlining details about organic-waste collection.

Organic waste will be collected on Mondays, along with recyclable garbage.

During the gardening months, from April to November, provisions will be made to accommodate the extra organic waste. Details are outlined in the information package.

Domestic garbage pickup has been mechanized. The system requires specific bins.

Each household will receive a black, 240-litre bin on wheels and only garbage placed in the bins will be collected. Domestic — non-compostable and non-recyclable — garbage collection will be on Thursdays.

Organic, recycling and domestic garbage containers have also been installed around town for public use.


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