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West Islanders ready to demonstrate ‘en masse’ over province’s plan to pull Lachine hospital out of MUHC: mayor

  • The Lachine General Hospital.
    The Lachine General Hospital.
    Photo credit: Allen McInnis, The Gazette

A newly formed “Save Our Lachine Hospital” committee is threatening to go to court to block the provincial government from pulling the institution out of the McGill University Health Centre.


“If we have to go to court, we’ll go to court,” Lachine borough mayor Claude Dauphin told reporters at a news conference on Monday morning.

“There are doctors (at the hospital) who already want to go to court.”

Dauphin added that West Islanders are also ready to demonstrate en masse with “pots and pans” on the streets of Lachine, as they did against planned cuts to the hospital five years ago.

He urged residents to use social media as well to get their message across and to sign their names to an online petition.

The “Save Our Lachine Hospital” committee was struck after The Gazette reported last week that Quebec Health Minister Réjean Hébert has decided to reintegrate the 100-year-old institution into “a local health network of the French language” – the CSSS LaSalle-Dorval-Lachine.

Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau, part of the committee, said Lachine Hospital is a French-language institution, and belonging under the jurisdiction of the bilingual MUHC has never undermined that.

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  1. Motion of no confidence> Quebec Health Minister Réjean Hébert …you fail’d to inform the public of any clear option to back your motion at Lachine Hospital, further confirming that you and Pauline Marois are clueless and have No clear Plan!

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