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Impaired driving charge filed in Dorval bus-car crash that killed 2

  • Stacey Snider was left severely injured in the accident.
    Stacey Snider was left severely injured in the accident.
    Photo credit: Graham Hughes, Canadian Press

An impaired driving charge has been filed in connection with an accident in Dorval last summer that left two people dead and several people injured.

The charge was filed recently at the Montreal courthouse charging Stacey Snider, 34, of Dorval, with impaired driving by having a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Snider has not appeared in court yet and the first date in the case is scheduled for March 6.

Snider was left severely injured in the accident, which occurred at the intersection of 55th and Lyndsay Aves. Her mother, Janet Stoddard Snyder, 61, a passenger in Snyder’s BMW, died as a result of the collision between the car and a city bus. Sylvain Ferland, 49, a father of four and an STM driver with more than two decades of experience, also died in the accident when his No. 196 bus turned over, injuring seven of the 14 passengers inside.

Notably, Snider has not been charged with causing the death of either Ferland or her mother. If the alleged offence is prosecuted by indictment, Snider faces a maximum sentence of five years. A summary conviction carries a maximum sentence of 18 months.

Snider was hospitalized for several weeks following the accident. She was unable to appear for court dates in September and December, at the Valleyfield courthouse, where she is accused of uttering threats in an unrelated case.



  1. I cannot believe that she is going to get away with drunk driving causing death as well as drunk driving causing injury. I was seriously injured in that accident. I am still recovering from a mild 3rd grade concussion, I still have a hematoma above my left eye which may never go away and puts some pressure on my left eye. I had to do physiotherapy for an injury to my left shoulder in which I still get pain but thanks to the physio I can now move the arm at the shoulder. I still have pain and tenderness from the 2 cracked ribs I received in the accident, numbness from my forehead to the middle of my skull as well as numbness and pain in both my knees. I have a scar that starts at the left side of the bridge of my nose…across the left side of my forehead and ends at the left temple in which I was lucky for if my head had shifted the opposite way it did…there would have been another death.

    If she was charged for what she did she would never get out of jail as it is 20 to life for each death and a mandatory 10 years for each person that suffered injury in the accident.

  2. The woman was due to appear in Court on March 6, 2013, but the Police was not able to serve the summons (woman unreachable). On February 22, the summons was changed into an arrest warrant. In September, the woman’s lawyer appeared in Court. The case was back in Court on November 11, 2013 and a trial date was been set: April 7, 2015. They have set aside 4 days for the trial. One of the motion by the defense will be to have the case thrown out of Court, because “excessive delay” in the case.

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