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Dorval teen shooting: Decision pending on whether 12-year-old brother to be charged, police say

  • Montreal police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy at a house on Hamilton St., near Thorncrest Ave., in Dorval Monday.
    Montreal police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy at a house on Hamilton St., near Thorncrest Ave., in Dorval Monday.
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A decision by prosecutors whether to charge a 12-year-old Dorval boy following the shooting death Monday evening of his 16-year-old brother — and what charge or charges to lay — is expected sometime Tuesday morning, Constable Simon Delorme of Montreal police said.

However, he added, investigators have determined that the shooting “seems to have been accidental.”

The boy could still be charged, Delorme said, with a weapons offence or with an accusation as serious as involuntary homicide.

Police major-crime investigators completed their questioning of the preteen about 5:30 a.m., he said:

“They are now looking at the different possibilities, with prosecutors from Youth Court.”

While being interrogated, he added, the preteen “was accompanied by a parent, as is the right of a juvenile under the law.”

“That made it a little more complicated,” Delorme said, given that the person with parental authority over the 12-year-old is his mother — whose older son had just perished at the hands of the younger child.

“This is a very sad story,” Delorme said.

The mother was first taken to hospital for treatment of violent shock, he added.

The 16-year-old was struck by “at least one bullet to the upper body.”

Police have determined whether or not the handgun used was registered.

However, Delorme said, “we are keeping that information at our level for the time being … because other persons still have to be met and questioned in relation to the firearm.”

He described the death weapon as “a family handgun.”

The boy remains in custody.

If he were to be charged, Delorme said, “he would appear in (youth) court this afternoon.”

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  1. Within hours of fatal shooting calls were being made in support of firearm registry in Quebec. In this case, we are talking either a restricted or prohibited fire which was apparently stolen. There has been a national registry for over half a century on such firearms. The taxpayers have a right to know how effective the registry has been in this case. Was the gun registered? If so, what follow up was made? Did the owner report the firearm stolen? Was the theft on its reported? What attempts were made to recover the firearm before it was used to kill? In other words how effect are gun registries in preventing such tragedies?

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