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Pierrefonds heritage home left untouched in new plans for Pierrefonds waterfront condos

  • Sketch of developers latest proposal.
    Sketch of developers latest proposal.
    Photo credit: Drawing courtesy of developer

A Montreal developer has come up with a new building plan to replace a controversial one that would have required relocating an 18th-century farmhouse on the back river in Pierrefonds so two eight-storey condo towers could be built on either side of it.

Under the revised plan now being put forward by the Vered Group, the waterfront condominium project on Gouin Blvd. at Aumais St. would keep the Maison Joseph Théorêt, circa 1780, in its current location.

In addition, the building plan now calls for one six-storey tower with 125 units, not two eight-storey towers containing 146 units.

“We basically redesigned to address residents’ concerns,” Oren Vered, the project’s developer, said on Monday.

The plan will now go before the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough council for a vote at the borough council meeting on Feb. 4, said Bassam Chaarani, a borough spokesperson.

The plan still requires zoning modifications because existing zoning stipulates a two-storey-height limit in that area, he explained, adding the city of Montreal’s urban plan calls for 10-storey buildings on that stretch of Gouin Blvd.

The plan shows an open L-shape building on the north side of Gouin Blvd. with the Maison Théorêt in front of the western end of the condo complex with its view across Gouin Blvd. to the back river and Parc Ménard unobstructed.

Vered said he is now optimistic that the project will get the zoning modifications necessary to go ahead.

“We are looking at a project of nice quality aimed at empty-nesters and other people who want to move from houses into condos,” he said. “It is not aimed at the first-time homebuyer.”

He said the redesign takes into account the major concerns raised by area residents last fall. The Maison Théorêt, the sloped-roof farmhouse at 14784 and 14790 Gouin Blvd. that is recognized by the city of Montreal’s Conseil de Patrimoine, “is not going to be touched,” Vered said.

The unusual semi-detached farmhouse, now being used as a private residence, will be restored and integrated into the project as a common area and, at a later date, possibly opened to the public as an art gallery or cultural venue, he said. The owner of the house has agreed to sell the property to Vered if the condo development plans are approved.

“It needs a bit of work but the idea is to integrate it,” Vered said. “It’s gorgeous inside.”

As for the other major sticking point last fall, Vered said, he hopes residents recognize the condo tower’s new height of six storeys instead of eight as the compromise that it is.

He said existing constructions along that stretch of Gouin Blvd., just west of St. Jean Blvd., already include several three-storey condo townhouses with mezzanines that bring the height up to four storeys, and two new nine- and 10-storey condominium buildings.


  1. By M Mcgregor

    what about the increase in traffic on Gouin Boulevard between St Johns and Jacques Bizard. Right no consideration what so ever . This was probably the plan all along and this as well as the other proposed condo development demolishing the lovely little house on the corner of Gouin and aumais will ruin the neighbourhood with over crowding , too much car traffic, and ugly buildings . What is wrong with our mayor and councillors and their lack of care to protect what we have?

    shame on these councillors and mayor!

  2. By nice work

    I wasnt really a fan of relocating a heritage home, i think its great when developpers try to compromise and it gives a new building a little more value when you integrate it with a very old one. This makes me think of the Domaine des Arches project in Roxboro but on a larger scale. As for traffic in that area well…there isnt any really. That area needs high density development, its central Pierrefonds where all the service are, Pierrefonds needs its own town center. I would put a few more high rises in this area instead of tearing down western Pierrefonds and creating more urban sprawl. I hope this project gets passed and the M Mcgregor’s dont block it only to have it built in Vaudreuil or Laval.

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