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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Ste. Anne boardwalk to be opened up to dogs

Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue is preparing to open its iconic boardwalk along the lake and canal to canines.

On Monday, council tabled a notice of motion to amend its dog-control bylaw. Mayor Francis Deroo said the city is reacting to requests made by dog owners to allow them to take their pets for strolls along the boardwalk.

“Maybe not all day, but at certain periods of time. Maybe in the mornings when no one is there,” he said.

Currently, dogs are prohibited from entering the boardwalk at all times.

Council still has to determine the best time periods to open the boardwalk to dogs.

The boardwalk is a popular destination in Ste-Anne village, especially during the summer when visitors can watch the procession of boats that pass through the locks.

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  1. Mayor Francis Deroo ! … Health Issue … That’s why it is ban’d and must stay that way !! Are we to sit on seat’s a dog peed’d on or a water fountain even the trash bin !! Dog dropping’s contaminate the spot for 2 years, known fact !!

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