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Fairview shopping mall expanding to make way for Keg restaurant

  • Fairview Pointe-Claire
    Fairview Pointe-Claire
    Photo credit: Gazette file photo


A restaurant chain is setting up shop at the Fairview Pointe-Claire shopping centre.

Pointe-Claire council recently approved some exterior renovation and expansion plans at the mall to make way for The Keg, a steak house and bar.

Fairview officials confirmed ongoing preparatory work near The Bay facing Highway 40 is for a new restaurant taking over space that formerly housed a passport office, which has moved to a new spot in the mall near the liquor store.

As well, the reconfiguration will include an exterior expansion to create about 9,000 square feet of floor space for the new tenant, said Christian Vez-ina, Fairview’s general manager. He said the new eatery is expected to open this fall.

The Vancouver-based chain currently has two Keg locations in downtown Montreal and another in Laval. The Keg, founded in 1971, has more than 100 locations in North America.


  1. By Cynthia Pike

    Fairview replaced the elevator in 2001, so this photo was taken some time before that. I think the gazette needs to update its stock photos. If I looked really hard, I might even see Woolworth in this picture (it closed in 1994).

  2. I look at the picture, it must be from (at least) 15 years ago! You can see the fountain, the elevator with some weird structure. And if I recall the Laura Second (which you can see in the bottom) is in the The Bay wing of the Mall, so I guess it’s either Simpsons or The Bay at the end of the hallway, for Cynthia.

  3. no, the Laura Secord is not in The Bay wing of the mall. The Laura Secord is exactly where it is in the photo. But yes the elevator has been changed and the fountain removed. There are now two elevators instead of that elaborate one elevator.

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