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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Ste-Anne sued over pipe repairs


Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue will defend itself in a lawsuit filed by a contractor seeking about $220,000 in damages.

Asphalte Beton Carrièrs Rive-Nord Inc., a Mirabel-based construction firm co-administered by former embattled Quebec cabinet minister David Whis-sell, had been awarded a $3.5-million contract in February 2011 to carry out water pipe repairs on Ste. Anne St. between Michaud and de l’Église Sts.

While the infrastructure work assigned was completed last fall, the contractor is now seeking extra payment as compensation for extra pumping and excavation of rocks, which it says it only became aware of once on the site and was not covered in the tender offer, according to Ste-Anne director general Martin Bonhomme.

However, the town, which mandated a law firm Monday to represent it in this case, disputes the claim and stresses the work costs cited in the lawsuit are covered in the original contract.

“They say there was much more rock and much more water in the system, so they had to pump more water than they were thinking in the tender,” Bonhomme said. “That’s what they are claiming.”

He said the contractor is seeking an extra $100,000 for dealing with rock excavation and about $120,000 for additional pumping costs.

“They came back with this as we were closing the contract and we said to them that based on the information provided by our consultant, it was not justified. So that’s why we are in court,” Bonhomme added.

The case is scheduled for Quebec Superior Court on Feb. 13.

The water pipe repairs were part of a $14-million street/infrastructure overhaul of Ste-Anne village that took place over a few years.

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  1. The Contract From Hell !….. And its not over yet . Hydro lines are still not done and the reality of the sidewalks has kik’d in pitch is too steep, loss of parking spots , lamp posts the city workers wont clear snow from, add to that the lack of anti skid compound so you wont slip !! $14-million street/infrastructure overhaul is a lot of money ! ….I question the workmanship and the selection of the contractor, given what I saw at the New Bridge and John Abbott.. you cant compare!
    Town Hall will now undergo a revamp… its never ending … Now the contractor wants more money, this is priceless note his background… No wonder, I have some nice pic’s of the Raw Sewage in the pits they dug, there for all to see on a Saturday…Code what code !!… This is one hell of a bill for the towns people to bare, and there to date cut off at the North !!
    You Have To Wonder !!

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