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Electricity restored to West Island homes

Electricity has been restored to the 1,000 homes in Beaconsfied and Pointe Claire that lost power after a circuit breaker was triggered at the St. Jean sub-station, Thursday morning.

Heightened demand for electricity during the current deep freeze overloaded a hydro line supplying electricity to the West Island homes which caused the circuit breaker to trigger.

Hydro Quebec spokesman Ariane Connor said people should continue to try to reduce their use of electricity during the cold snap. This will help prevent another overload.

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  1. Reduce our consumption of electricity you say!!!??? There you go, that once again sounds like the real guitly passing the buck. You don’t think with the price of electricity and heating, people are already doing what they can to keep the bill down?

    Sounds like typical Hydro-Quebec brain-washing again… You’re not fooling anyone! The reason that public services such as the commuter system and hydro power here on the West-Island is a horror story is simple and as far as I’m oncerned factual, is simply because we are and english community and treated like we’re on some corner reserve somewhere.

    The problem my friends is out-dated equippment !!! Period. Why are breakers getting tripped? Why because they’re old and useless. I’ve only been on the West-Island for 3 years (Pointe-Claire) and I have witnessed at th very least 8 power outages… INCREDIBLE IN THIS DAY AND AGE!… and if that don’t beat all, we had 3 this summer in Pointe-Claire and it was in beautiful weather. The average time it took for Hydro to get it up and running was 7 hours. WHYYYYYY!

    Before moving here, I lived in St. Hubert on the Soth-Shore and I can tell you that since the Ice-Strom of 1998, we never had one power outage and that’s a FACT! Why? Because the South-Shore is predomnantly french speaking and ther are always going to get priority and don’t try to convine me or anyone else with just a bit of common sense, that that’s not the case. All our generators were replaced for new ones about 10 years ago before we ever saw people in the cold or what not. We depend on electricity for everything and I mean everything. We need a private governing body made up of a few west-island dwellers to impose a fine on Hydro-Quebec when ever there’s an outage longer than an hour, then we’d see them move they’re collective butts to get in some up to date equippment. That’s all I have to say! It’s all alot of bull-crap an I’m not falling for the excuses that we’re to blame because we use too much power and putting a strain on the system. The south-shore is many times larger than the west-island and we didn’t have these problem. Now print this comment.

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