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Lindsay Place teacher’s video gaining traction on YouTube

  • Lindsay Place HIgh School teacher Catherine Hogan as she appears in the video.
    Lindsay Place HIgh School teacher Catherine Hogan as she appears in the video.
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A video posted on YouTube by a Lindsay Place High School teacher on Jan. 22 is gaining a growing audience and collecting critical praise.

Described as “inspirational” and “effective,” the 4-minute production by Grade 11 teacher Catherine Hogan contains a message for teenagers: Teachers care. They know what you are going through because they have been there. And they are ready to listen and help.

The message – and the method Hogan has chosen to express it –  have hit a chord with her students at Lindsay Place and, with the help of social media, a fast-growing number of students at other high schools.

Set to the remake of Cyndi Lauper’s hit song True Colors, the video shows Hogan sitting behind a desk. Without uttering a word, she flips through a series of white 8-by-10 sheets of paper she uses as cue cards. The cards contain the text of her message, a touching and personal story of what she went through as a teenager in high school. The story includes the revelations of how she was devastated by her parents’ divorce, how a boyfriend broke her heart and, not knowing how to handle it all, she developed an eating disorder that put her in the hospital for four months.

“So , if you think no one understands what you’re feeling …” she says on one of the sheets she holds up to the camera, “please know,” she adds with the flip of another sheet. “I do.”

Teenagers who need to talk to someone, Hogan says, should turn to a teacher.

“Kids just don’t realize we would understand,” she said in an interview Friday.

It’s a message students need to hear, she explained. And that is why she posted the video.

The clip was posted on YouTube on Tuesday. By Thursday at 3 p.m., it had 6,567 views. By 11 a.m. on Friday at 8 p.m., the number hit 9,917.


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  2. Wow that is powerful.I remember when I was in highschool I had so many problems and use to skip classes but there was one class i would not skip because the teacher treated me well.He said just come to class that way I know your safe I would go to his class and he use to make me laugh.I was not going to class because i had trouble learning and also had problems at home I was ashame to be in class because i did not have nice clothes or went to school with out lunch and hitchiked to get to school But would skip the whole day except his class.

  3. By Hockeyparent

    Wow Catherine Hogan is a true inperation to teachers and parents everywhere! What a heartfelt message to teens. Teachers can make such a positive difference in the lives of our kids, so on behalf of Moms of teen aged kids, thank you!

  4. By Linsay Place parent

    Our children need to know that there teachers once were there age and that many of the issues they face with today, some of there teachers have been there and faced the same things. Too many kids feel so alone and need to know that someone cares. Sometimes the only way to help is being transparent and for that Miss Hogan words can’t begin to express what you’ve done for our children. My daughter has you this year as her teacher and is graduating. One day when i will look back and think of her graduating year, i will also remember the year of Miss Hogan.

  5. By Steve Montague

    Wow, content is so powerful.The simplicity of the presentation amplifies your important message. This is really good work which needs to be seen and understood.
    As a former teacher I can tell you that this is also the stuff that your memories will be made of and you are very fortunate.

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