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Pot-smoking pupils rile Beaconsfield homeowner

A Beaconsfield resident pleaded with the city and police Monday night to crack down on young illicit drug users around Beaconsfield High School.

A Beaconsfield Court resident, who brought to Monday’s municipal council meeting discarded plastic bottles he says were used to smoke hashish, told councillors there is a drug problem on his street, which abuts the high school property and is around the corner from the Place Cartier adult education centre.

“Our street is a haven for drug use,” the resident said, adding his wife and 9-month-old daughter have had to inhale pot smoke on their strolls. “During the hours 12 to 1 p.m., students from BHS and Cartier use my street as a hangout. We need some sort of presence on our street, a deterrent for the kids from using it to smoke their pot.

“We need some kind of a deterrent, whether that’s simply a police cruiser or public security van to park there,” he continued, adding at times there are more than 50 young people loitering on his street, which stretches from Beaurepaire Dr. to Beaconsfield Blvd.

Councillor Wade Staddon, who sits on the board of Place Cartier, said the city met with school officials and both sides are aware there is a chronic problem on Beaconsfield Court. He added smoking of any kind is prohibited on school property, so pupils often head to the streets to light up.

“We have so many kids with disposable incomes who try to get high,” Staddon remarked.

Mayor David Pollock said the city is aware of the issue, suggesting residents call public security when a problem arises.

Station 1 Commander Sylvain Doucet, in attendance at the start of the council meeting, said local police are aware of the problem and suggested actions will be taken in a matter of weeks. He said police occasionally ask homeowners to let officers park in their driveways as a means of monitoring an area.


  1. By Alicia Shepherd

    As a parent with children at said school, I totally agree with the concerns raised by these residents. I have witnessed these children openly lighting ‘cigarettes’ both on and off the school property in this area. My children and other pupils have no choice but to walk through the contaminated air to get to and from school. In the five years that my oldest child has been at BHS not once have I seen a member of staff, Public Security or Police in this area before school, at lunchtime or at school dismissal time.

    • By James Connor

      Obviously you have not stuck around before school, at lunchtime or at school dismissal time. As a parent of a student at B.H.S, I have spoken of this issue with my son several times and have personally witnessed Police and public security presence. I encourage you to take a real good look for yourself at what the true issue is here, cigarettes. The amount of Pot to Tobacco ratio must be realistically something along the lines of 1:20. These cancer causing fumes are the ones which will harm your children and ironically, it is perfectly legal to smoke a cigarette on Beaconsfield Court if not loitering. If there is really a difference that will be made here, it is in the prohibition of tobacco in a public areas such as this street.

      • By Alicia Shepherd

        I agree cigarettes is the issue and I don’t want all our children to be tarred by the same and made out to be potheads!

    • Go to Amsterdam or the Netherlands where it is legal and you see that the crime rate is nonexistent, the murder rate is probably under 10 percent, people learn to get along! There are people riding on bicycles being happy.

      From Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion him self ma nozzles.

  2. By Stephanie David

    It is a shame that so many people can’t see what the real problem is here. I drive down this street everyday during lunch time and I know exactly which groups of kids are smoking pot because they are secluded in small groups. Everyone is quick to blame the weed as it’s illegal but as I’m pleased Mr. Connor pointed out above, it’s the cigarettes which we have to deal with. A much larger group of kid’s openly smoking cigarettes concentrated far nearer to the school are the ones causing the problems. Tobacco is the drug that will kill our children in the long run and as of right now, it is perfectly O.K to smoke a cigarette 1 foot off school property. What a joke. If you want to blame the weed go right ahead but don’t expect your children to have the same opinion in the future.

  3. By Cameron Wilkinson

    (—) Kids wanna get high then by all means let them and if you’re walking past the side walk, I’m sorry but you’re the one hanging around the smokers when they’re smoking, they’re not hanging around you while you’re walking. Find another way into the school if you detest it so much.

  4. Obviously these people only care cause they have a 9 months old kid … Once these people are off maternity leave it won’t be a big deal. This news makes BHS look bad when in all real ness drugs are not even a huge concern. Go to any high school at lunch and it will be the same as if your at bhs. Pretty sure you don’t hear people in pointe Claire complaining about rennie st Thomas or Lindsay … No matter what actions come into place the smokers and pot smokers will still be around. Your worried about your street being drug central well hey check out the colisee on a Friday night …..


  6. As a student of B.H.S. it is our choice to smoke and where do expect us to do that? If you kick us out of one place we’ll just go to another, what are you guys trying to accomplish by banning us from the sidewalk seriously?

  7. No police ?
    No Public security ?
    I have been harassed many times for smoking cigarettes and pot by both
    If you really think the air is so damn contaminated
    Then send your kids to another school
    Or maybe raise more pertinent concerns that teens smoking
    Maybe like I don’t know the millions of kids suffering everyday in places much more “contaminated and hostile” then Beaconfield.

  8. By parent of a BHS smoker

    At the end of the day children can’t be punished for smoking if not on school property only for loitering in the sreets
    Most teenagers will try smoking we as parents can only advise against it
    Just be thankful you own children dont smoke and hopefully never will but as any smoker knows its hard habit to break
    And I am sure your children will not breath in too much contaminated air from the car into school

  9. I have been absolutely amazed over the past 2 years, that I have never, EVER once seen a teacher, principal, etc. dealing with the situation outside BHS. I have even witness kids smoking pot right in front of the school during lunch hour, and once again, never any surveillance or supervision from BHS staff. If I could do it over again, I certainly wouldnt choose BHS. They do a great job of selling themselves, but do absolutely nothing to at least try and curb the drug use around the school. Shame on you.

    • Get a life lady! As a former BHS student I can tell you that teachers DO discipline students who smoke on school property. But honestly, you expect the teachers to patrol the streets during the lunch hour? Thats ridiculous. Maybe if you have nothing better to do with your time (since apparently you hang out and watching kids during lunch hour) then why don’t you use your time to try and find another public school in the west island that doesn’t have kids smoking, cause I bet you won’t be able to. “If you could do it over again” you wouldn’t choose BHS? WELL LEAVE THEN!! NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO KEEP SENDING YOUR KIDS THERE! Get a life loser.

  10. Pot or cigarettes doesn’t make a difference these days. What about respect for others. People move into these neighbourhoods, work hard and pay lots of money toward taxes and have to put up with loitering teenagers smoking and polluting on their street and lawns. The students are being disrespectful and the school by not properly addressing the problem.

    The school should allow student to smoke in a designated area on their property, as to not disrupt the neighbourhood and if the students are caught smoking pot…Suspend or expel them.

  11. They need a solid street worker program to make the link with the adult world and the teen world. In order to make these kids feel home and respect the home, repression is not the only avenue. It is necessary but it’s a temporary solution to a bigger problem. AJOI is in contact with 7400 youths from the WI to listen, support, refer, accompany them to the right services (health, available activities for them and legal situations). To teach your youth is first to listen to why they are going for drug consumption, second to inform them about the outcome on the long term of this behaviour and third make them take the right decision. Trust is the key, if no one is listening you don’t trust anything. Adolescence is the time in life where you start making decision for yourself. Adolescence is raw, intense and the time in your life where you go throughout the most changes… 514-675-4450

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