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Union calls meeting of members as Ste. Anne Hospital prepares to close beds

The largest union representing workers at the Ste. Anne Hospital will gather members Monday to announce plans at the federally funded veteran’s hospital to close a 33-bed long-term care unit.

Representatives of the Union of Veterans Affairs Canada (UVAE) – Public Service Alliance of Canada say they were informed late last week by federal government officials that the long-term care unit will be closed later this week.

Yvan Thauvette, national president of the UVAE said the union, which represents more than 600 Ste. Anne employees, among them X-ray technicians, laboratory technologists and occupational therapists, has protested the closure but to no avail.

 “We will have a 100 empty beds in a couple of days,” Thauvette said in an interview on Monday morning.

”This is not good for residents on the West Island or off-Island.We could use those beds to lower the pressure on other institutions,” such as Lakeshore General Hospital and Hôpital du Surôit in Valleyfield.

The unit’s closure will mean layoffs but the total number is still unknown, said Thauvette. The unit, C-10 is the third unit at the 450-bed hospital to be closed since 2009 when negotitations to transfer the hospital to the provincial government. Two other 33-beds units for long-term care patients have already been closed.

The union has been lobbying for the newly renovated and modernized hospital to be turned into a multi-vocational centre under the direction of the West Island CSSS, the provincial health agency that oversees the Lakeshore General Hospital, CLSCs and CHSLDs in the West Island.

More details to follow:

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