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French school board names new commissioner

Denis Brousseau has been named to the West Island’s French school board, representing its Dorval/Lachine district.

Brousseau, a Roxboro resident, was appointed last week to replace the commissioner’s seat vacated by André Danis, who resigned for personal reasons. He joins 20 other commissioners who oversea a board with 87 institutions, 51,000 students and about 8,500 employees.

The school district in question has three elementary schools (Catherine-Soumillard, Gentilly and Victor-Thérien), École secondaire Dorval–Jean XXIII as well as the Jeanne-Sauvé adult education centre.

Brousseau was once a governing board chairman at Dorval–Jean XXIII. He also sat on Marguerite-Bourgeoys’ central parents and its transport advisory committees.

The province modified rules regarding school boards a few years ago so by-elections are no longer held to fill vacant seats. It is now up to the council of commissioners to decide by consensus or by vote on a replacement commissioner.

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