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Lester B. Pearson board slams Bill 14 in brief

The Lester B. Pearson School Board has submitted a brief to the Quebec government on the proposed changes to Quebec’s Charter of the French language that have stirred controversy since their announcement last fall.

“We believe that Bill 14 is an outright attempt to further inhibit and ghettoize the English community and to tighten the already overly restrictive regulations governing English language schools,” stated a summary of the LBPSB brief filed Friday and, now posted on the school board’s website.

Monday was the final day to make submissions on Bill 14, the act to amend Quebec’s current language charter and Quebec’s Charter of human rights and freedoms.

The summary attached to the brief and signed by Suanne Stein Day, the school board’s chairwoman, noted that school board officials welcome the opportunity to publicly discuss the new provisions for bilingual status proposed in Bill 14.

The National Assembly’s committee on culture and education will hold public hearings beginning March 12 as part of its general consultation on Bill 14.

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