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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Organic waste collection a step closer; Council awards contract to supply bins

Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue is readying to roll out its household organic waste curbside collections as a means to meet a provincial directive for municipalities to recycle 60 per cent of green waste by 2015.

On Monday, Ste-Anne council awarded a $71,000 contract to supply brown, wheeled bins to collect organic/green waste at single-family homes, townhouses and buildings with fewer than four units, said director general Martin Bonhom-me, adding the tender was by invitation only and that two of the three companies solicited submitted bids.

Since the contract was estimated to be under $100,000, the city had the option to call for tenders by invitation, he explained.

Council also gave its authorization to call for tender to hire a contractor that will actually collect the brown bins and truck the green waste.

The new curbside service is expected to start in late spring or by early summer, Bon-homme said.

The new weekly organic waste collection will compliment the existing regular garbage and recycling pickups.

“There will be three pickups – garbage, the recycling and then you’ll have the organic waste,” Bonhomme said, adding the organic service will be a new cost as Ste-Anne currently only collects garbage once week, not twice, and so it couldn’t eliminate a pickup day to compensate.

Ste-Anne is preparing an information/awareness campaign to explain to residents how the new organic kitchen scraps and green waste curbside collection will work.

“We’ll find a way to inform the citizens about the new collection,” Bonhomme said.

Ste-Anne will be joining other West Island municipalities already collecting organic waste. For instance, Pointe-Claire started collecting kitchen scraps and green waste as a pilot project several years ago and expanded its service in 2011, the same year Dorval began its collection. Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Kirkland started their brown bin collections last summer.

Currently, the green waste collected in the West Island is trucked and sorted off the island. However, the Montreal agglomeration is investing almost $240 million to establish an island-wide network to collect organic/green waste, including a compost-treatment centre in St-Laurent as well as a bio-fuel producing facility in LaSalle. Three centres are expected to be operational by the end of 2016 and a fourth in 2020.


  1. There is Big Money in trash, that’s why Quebec has ordered local towns to place in effect a Recycling Program.. Now how much this will actually cost the local towns people. $71,000 contract to supply brown, for starters.. tender was by invitation only ..Why was that .Plus $240 million to establish an island-wide network , keep in mind this is not that actual cost of the total program and then there is the Pick-Up. not 1 word on what that will cost ! “There will be three pickups. is this a tradeoff .. 3 times the fuel dumping crap into the air >? You have to wonder who`s thinking What in Quebec City and then there are the local Mayors doing just what their told to do, some system we have here !! In St Anne…you would think they could find a location to park this green waste, Senneville is very close and there are other locations near by that could be used. For some reason we are Forced use the Quebec`s program. So where are the actual cost`s to this project, proper paper work on its returns vs investments . Bottom line… How much will this Union Back`d Pickup real`y cost Us !! This is how your tax dollars are being spent. Would you actually do it this way. Recycling Starts AT HOME !! and its free !!

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