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Beaconsfield demolition committee authorizes Batshaw permit

  • Batshaw's plan calls for this building, which now houses the Portage Centre, on Elm Ave. to be torn down.
    Batshaw's plan calls for this building, which now houses the Portage Centre, on Elm Ave. to be torn down.
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The City of Beaconsfield demolition committee has authorized a permit to Batshaw Family Services to demolish the building it owns on Elm Ave.

The building to be demolished now houses the Portage Centre, a facility for young people with substance abuse problems.

Residents have 30 days from today to appeal the decision to grant the demolition permit. The appeal must be in writing. If an appeal is launched, Beaconsfield city council will study the appeal and make a final decision at the April 22 council meeting.

Batshaw proposes to build an open facility for troubled minors on the site. The social services agency hopes to begin building two new units in August.

The Beaconsfield City Hall address is 303 Beaconsfield Blvd., Beaconsfield, QC, H9W 4A7. Telephone: 514-428-4400 Website:


  1. By De I`ile

    ” 30 days, from today ” Wow talk about fast… With out respect to the local property owners …this is going down values will drop.. as residents you have to question… who is Beaconsfield City Hall thinking of, Not you people.. that’s clear
    Ah yes the almighty tax !! ..At what ever cost to the community, Importing troubled youths into Beaconsfield will not be a asset to the town or its people’s and on a bad night if/when these youths get out, the town will pay dearly as did the people
    running 575 elm did .. Many years back !! That made the news !!

    At election time this will come up and byte town hall in the ….!!

  2. It’s funny how “you people” does not seem to include youth. I wonder where english speaking teens could possibly come from…maybe the West Island you say. Yes it may be scary to accept we are part of a society that tries and helps troubled youth and even has them in our back yard…but don’t kid yourself, these youth are already in the West Island and will continue to be there after they leave Batshaw. Might as well be part of it in a positive way instead of trying to fight it. I’m not thinking there is much of a legal standing to fight it (Dorval) and I’m very sure there isn’t much of an ethical one. The true asset will be if we can connect as a community with these youth who are from our community and help them reinsert our community in a positve way.

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