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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Veterans hospital to become geriatrics centre

  • Ste-Anne's hospital will become geriatrics centre.
    Ste-Anne's hospital will become geriatrics centre.
    Photo credit: File photo (PETER MCCABE/THE GAZETTE)

The Veteran’s Hospital in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, will become a centre for geriatrics care when it is transferred to the province on Sept. 30.

Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney announced Friday the hospital will continue to give priority access to veterans, but it will be open to all seniors, serving primarily the West Island and Off-Island regions.

“Ste. Anne’s Hospital is recognized around the world for its expertise in geriatrics and mental health. I am pleased with Minister Hébert’s decision to recognize its special status,” Blaney said in a statement. “Our veterans will continue to receive exceptional care in this centre of excellence on the leading edge of clinical innovation.”

The hospital will be autonomous, and will work with McGill University and the Agence de Santé de Montréal to develop a governance model.

A transition committee, with several members representing veterans groups, will be in place for seven years to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.


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