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Developer’s third design for riverside condo project up for approval

  •  A sketch of the 115-unit, six-storey condo building being proposed for Gouin Blvd. at Aumais St. in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. The borough council is expected to decide at a special council meeting, June 19, 2013.
    A sketch of the 115-unit, six-storey condo building being proposed for Gouin Blvd. at Aumais St. in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. The borough council is expected to decide at a special council meeting, June 19, 2013.
    Photo credit: Courtesy of the Vered Group

After 18 months and three attempts, a Montreal developer is optimistic his latest design for a multi-level condominium complex facing Rivière des Prairies in Pierrefonds, will get approval this week.

The Vered Group presented its latest design for the property on Gouin Blvd. to Pierrefonds-Roxboro’s urban planning committee last week. The plan is expected to come before the borough council for a vote June 19.

The new design envisions an airy-looking 115-unit structure — down from an initial, eight storeys and 132 units — that cascades like a waterfall from six-storeys at the building’s rear on Aumais St. to three-storeys at the building’s front lobby on Gouin.

With large plate-glass windows and an atrium running through the full length of the building, passers-by on Aumais St. are suppose to be able to see right through the building to Gouin Blvd., the back river and Île-Ménard.

Under the new plan, the Maison Joseph Théorêt, an 18th-century heritage home on the property and recognized by the city of Montreal’s Conseil de Patrimoine, is also to remain in its present location.

“It’s the best design yet,” said Oren Vered, the Montreal developer, in a telephone interview.

“It’s been a long and difficult process but I think the insistence of everyone has paid off,” he added.

The original plan, presented to the UPAC committee last fall, called for moving the Maison Théoret between two eight-storey condo towers. That plan sparked widespread citizen opposition.

This plan will see the Maison Joseph Théorêt used as guest quarters by future owners of the condominium complex that is expected to attract empty-nesters looking for upscale condos, he said, noting an idea suggested earlier to turn the heritage home into a local museum or public space proved too costly.

Borough spokesperson Johanne Palladini said the developer has strived to accommodate with each redesign the various concerns of the borough’s urban planning committee as well as those of area residents.

The latest plan has been drafted by a new architectural firm and, she noted, is “lighter” than all the rest in colour, building material and appearance.

—- However, the development can only go ahead with zoning modifications of the three lots that make up the property: the Maison Théorêt at 14784 and 14790 Gouin Blvd., a fourplex at 14702-04 Aumais St. and, Lucky Tech, the former commercial machine shop on Gouin Blvd. at the corner of Aumais St.

Existing zoning allows only two or four storeys — not six storeys in the Vered design.

As a result, area residents, many of whom remain opposed to the condo complex, say they are optimistic they will be able to fight the condo development further.

“I don’t care how many windows and arboretums you put in there, it’s still a massive piece of real estate in your face,” said Hugues LaRivière, a retired engineer living around the corner from the site.

“The pivotal point is the zoning change,” he said. “You should only be able to build two storeys when the zoning is for two storeys and four storeys when the zoning is four storeys.”

He said residents are concerned about increased traffic, parking and the impact a building of this size will have have on their quality of life, especially during the projected two years it would take to build it.

If council grants the bylaw modifications, LaRivière said, area residents plan to open a register opposing the modifications as soon as they are legally able.

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  1. By notfallingforit

    Worth’s legacy will live on in this disastrous project. Good for the citizens who are going to fight this

  2. By wehavemorethanenough

    Gouin boul. West does not need another condo development. The most recent condo building is no where near occupied, and there are several others in this area with vacancies. Why can’t developers see we are inundated with them already. We do not need more!! The proposed plan for this project has no aesthetic value; it does not fit in with our neighbourhood. It looks like another new office building: cold. Ah! It must be for the almighty buck and greed.

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