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Dollard des Ormeaux

Dollard mayor and all eight sitting council members will seek reelection

  • Dollard Des Ormeaux's mayor, Ed JANISZEWSKI photographed at city hall with DDO and Roxboro' flags, in October 2005 and, before being acclaimed of the reconstituted borough.
    Dollard Des Ormeaux's mayor, Ed JANISZEWSKI photographed at city hall with DDO and Roxboro' flags, in October 2005 and, before being acclaimed of the reconstituted borough.
    Photo credit: Marie-France Coallier/THE GAZETTE

Edward Janiszewski, the longtime mayor of Dollard des Ormeaux has announced that when he seeks reelection in the fall he will be joined by all eight of his sitting council members.

Zoe Bayouk (District 1), Errol Johnson (District 2), Mickey Guttman (District 3), Herbert Brownstein (District 4), Morris Vesely (District 5), Peter Prassas (District 6), Alex Bottausci (District 7) and Colette Gauthier (District 8) have all confirmed their intentions to seek reelection Nov. 3.

“We all have one common goal,” said Janiszewski, in a release put out by his office, Friday, June 14.

“To be fiscally responsible, as trustees of public funds and to provide an affordable quality of life that gives residents facilities and programs that allow them to enjoy living in our town.”

In the same release, the 79-year-old mayor stressed that members of the Dollard council vote according to their conscience.

In the 2009 election, Janiszewski, who will turn 80 a few weeks after the next election, beat mayoral candidate Shameen Siddiqui, picking up close to 85 per cent of the vote.

Errol Johnson, Mickey Guttman, Herbert Brownstein, Morris Vesely, Alex Bottausci and Collette Gauthier were also challenged by local candidates but won their seats. Zoe Bayouk and Peter Prassas won by acclamation.

Over the past month, West Island municipal politicians have started announcing their political intentions although the municipal election is still almost five months away.

Edgar Rouleau has stated he plans to seek a third term as the mayor of Dorval, while both David Pollock, the mayor of Beaconsfield, and Monique Worth, the mayor of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, have announced they do not plan to run again.

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  1. By Jim Hughes

    Ed, keep up the good work. The people of D.D.O. sure picked the right guy. Yours old boddy from Verdun Jim Hughes

    • This is the same scumbag who’s selling part of a mature forest to build condos? Look at DDO, it is BY FAR the ugliest, most abandoned-looking suburb I’ve EVER seen. All you have are vacant buildings lining poorly maintained streets.

      Wow, they sure picked the right guy indeed. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine what could be done if someone ACTUALLY started to have a vision for this hell-hole and turned it into a thriving community with a high quality of life…

      Yeah bravo Ed, keep up the good work…

  2. Actually, as you’ll see in this video… there’s a difference between public service and hoarding. This attempt at another term shouldn’t be applauded. In fact, most statistics show… the longer that you are in office, the more relationships you build with fewer individuals and the more corruption that exists while involved as a public servant. There is no sufficient evidence to prove this with this mayor (although the cool picture on top of him hiding in the shadows next to a curtain and looking like a crypt keeper suggest otherwise).

    I think this video nicely puts together not only what I think of this mayor and some of the councilmen that are in office in DDO but also some of the mayors that we have in the greater Montreal area that consider themselves career politicians
    [Bill Maher: Real Time with Bill Maher, June 14th, 2013]

    • Dude, I am unfortunate enough to live in DDO. The sheeple here are EXACTLY on the same mind-less wavelength as the people in Laval… WHO, by the way, recently answered a poll by saying that if they could vote for Vaillancourt again they would.

      We have the elected officials we deserve.

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