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20-year-old arrested in Pointe Claire after road-rage incident

A 20-year-old West Island man was arrested last week for making death threats during an incident that police have characterized as road rage.

The incident took place in a Pointe Claire shopping mall parking lot at the corner of St. Jean and Hymus Blvds. on July 2 at about 8 p.m.

According to police, a man in his 50s was driving in the parking lot when he was cut off by another vehicle, in which the younger man was travelling as a front-seat passenger.

After being cut off, police said, the man clapped his hands and yelled “bravo,” at which point, the 20-year-old man is alleged to have jumped out of the car and approached the man in the other vehicle.

The older man was spat on, threatened and subjected to a string of obscenities.

Although the driver of the other vehicle as well as another man in the back seat got out of the car and apologized for the younger man’s aggressive actions, police said, the threatened man called 911 to report the incident and the vehicle’s licence plate.

The car was quickly intercepted and the man was arrested and charged.



  1. By VD Resident

    Good. This needs to be done more. I have no problems with calling 911 for anyone getting out of their car acting aggressively. You’ll see how fast their tune changes then.

    People with road rage should be locked up, arrested, and their license suspended. These are just getting worse and worse.

  2. I applaud him calling 911. I got ganged up on by a husband wife team in that same parking lot while trying to load my purchases into my trunk. They were very aggressive and loaded up with obscenities – i’m sorry, but if i see someone obviously struggling to load something into their trunk, I don’t attack them for their shopping cart having drifted to block the back corner of their car, I HELP them! I grew up in this area of pointe claire. Thank god I moved away, the people are still rude and arrogant!

  3. By Melissa

    Ahahaha, I love that the older man clapped his hands and yelled “Bravo”. I mean, I’m sure this incited him, if he had ignored being cut off, and just swore to himself and carried on, he probably wouldn’t have responded, he would have just continued on driving recklessly. Sometimes it is better not to try and egg a person on, especially if they have anger issues…

    But despite that, the kid is obviously deranged, and it’s great that the man called 911 on him. :)
    More people need to realize that road rage is not cool…

  4. kitwel “Thank god I moved away, the people are still rude and arrogant!”

    I hope you didn’t let the door hit you on your way out. How dare you stereotype all Pointe-Claire residents because of this – stay way, we donlt need people with your kind of attitude anyway

  5. People drive the way they do because they feel protected by their car. If more people got out of their car to confront an idiot driver, maybe people would start driving with more courtesy. POLICE have more important things to be looking into. This man in his 50′s was probably doing a lot more than clapping his hands.
    but way to go Point Claire police for keeping our streets safer. Lol

  6. By Jim Burke

    Not to condone the 20-year-old, but that other guy needs to realize that obnoxious and moronically sarcastic gestures like hand-clapping other drivers’ minor mistakes are part of the problem too.

  7. By PteClrRez

    Good. Glad this 20 year old hot-head was arrested. A swift kick to the groin should be part of his punishment. No form of road rage should be tolerated. Let’s bring Pointe-Claire, which has gone downhill somewhat in recent years, back to normal levels of human decency.

  8. By Ruby Testarossa

    No one should apologize for something someone else did. Bravo to the target of the abuse for calling 911 and getting this jerk arrested.

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