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Health studio investigated after posting questionable ads

  • The Craigslist ad described masseuseuses as
    The Craigslist ad described masseuseuses as "sexy" and "pretty"
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Montreal police say they have taken note of a new health studio that has drawn the ire of some Pointe-Claire residents alerted to steamy online classified advertisements last week.

Some posts found on Craigs­list last week promoted the grand opening of a new spa in Valois Village, offering “young girls” and a “special rate.”

A July 9 post also included several photos of women wearing lingerie posing provocatively.

The women, who apparently worked at the spa, ranged in age from 18 to 20 and were described using words such as “sexy,” “pretty” and offering “excellent service.” Their height, weight and bust measurements were also listed, along with a first name and an ethnicity.

The online notice included a Donegani Ave. address and a listed Pointe-Claire phone number.

When contacted by phone last Friday, a receptionist at the spa said they “offer full body massage” and “we do have some options, you talk with the girl.” She later added that their girls are very open minded and do a good job.

She added that they “have very good girls here” and that they are located close to the airport.

As for possible insurance coverage, she advised to “talk with the boss,” but then seemingly made a two-for-one offer. The going rate is $50 for an hour and $30 for 30 minutes, she said.

Potential clients seeking some privacy could also come through a back door if they called ahead of time.

The links to the Craigslist ads were removed by Monday.

On Monday, Montreal police confirmed they are aware of the online ads and are investigating the new Valois Village business. Station 5 commander Mohamed Bouhdid said the morality squad is following up on tips received from the public and city officials, who had been alerted by concerned residents.

“We are aware of it and the morality squad is on it also,” Bouhdid said. “We are aware and we are working on it. Hopefully, we can settle this matter as soon as possible.”

No charges or arrests have been made, the commander said Monday, adding the ongoing investigation had just started last week. “It’s a brand new complaint and, of course, it takes time, all legal matters take time,” he said. “We are doing the maximum we can to settle the matter.”


  1. By Janis Clarke

    The ad that was posted on a Valois FB page showed a woman in an erotic black bikini with a large chest, lying in an erotic position on a bed, wearing high heels..with her face erased from the photo. The caption by the photo: “****Grand New Opening****Phone Number******Young Girls******Special Rate****** 1. What kind of person would post something like this? 2. What kind of business (run by a person who would post an ad like this) is opening in a close knit community neighborhood like Valois, with lots of families and kids, “by the toy store”? 3. What kind of clientele are they trying to attract? 4. What kind of clientele would be attracted by this kind of advert? 5. Do Valois parents/families/residents want these types of people running a business in their neighborhood “by the toy store”? Do Valois parents/families/residents want this kind of clientele frequenting their neighborhood? Parents, concerned citizens..step up to the plate and let the “morality squad” know how you feel about this. And “morality squad”, do your job. Kids pay the highest price when adults shirk their responsibilities. Keep Valois Clean for Kids.

  2. By Adam Phillips

    Morality Squad… hmph. When the mayor gets arrested and the gets a quarter million dollar severance that is immoral, leave the rub and tugs alone.

  3. The real question should be if they are offering their services in both languages. Somone should have called the OLF, not the ” Morality Squad”

  4. Enough with the language thing, Eric. We’re really trying to keep our Valois clean, please stay focused on the issue. Besides, if you live on the West Island as I do, undoubtedly you know that you don’t need to speak one French word. If you don’t like the status quo, you can either:

    A) change it
    B) get the hell out the the province

    • Wow… way to take somethign too seriously Marc (with a c.. thats french right?). I trying to make a joke that if a rub n tug wants to operate i hope they can rub n tug in both languages.

      • @Eric — nope, there’s not one drop of French blood in me. Other stuff but not that. I’m married to a French-Canadian though, does that make you feel better?

        Please don’t hide behind the “I’m only trying to be light so don’t take me seriously” excuse. Clearly this language thing is on your mind day and night otherwise you wouldn’t bring it up. Or perhaps, you’re one of those types of persons who just likes to complain ALL THE TIME. The world is a wide open place. In fact, last time I checked, there’s no passport requirements should you drive to Ontario, or Nova Scotia or Alberta…. Like I said, if you don’t like the way things are here, MAKE CHANGES. Otherwise, stop complaining or leave; it’s as simple as that.

  5. All the people that are complaining – do they have proof. A few adds and pictures on a public listing website is not proof. Look at the Toronto mayor story that the website now can’t find the video.

    What’s done behind closed doors should be upto 2 consenting adults…. this business man is just giving people a way to do that – if a man isn’t getting it at home (for many reasons) and wants it, he will go somewhere else to get it. This business man has just decided to provide a service closer to home for many people (instead of having to go downtown to get it). I’ve been into one of these places downtown (for work not related to massages) and yes it is very sleazy but the women all seemed happy to be there to be able to make some money.

    So people go out and get some proof (send your husbands) and then complain. This company is getting great publicity out of this.

  6. Marc,
    suck it up cupcake. Eric’s comment was totally valid. I too live in the West Island, and although you don’t have to speak it, you still HAVE to abide by the French Gestapo’s rules.

    • Poor baby. Life here is so tough for you. Again, if you don’t like what is going on STOP complaining and DO something about it. Otherwise, why in God’s name are you here? Don’t tell me your family is here or your work is here or anything like that. Seriously ask yourself why you are here if you can’t deal with the “French Gestapo”. lol Go. Just go and find your happiness elsewhere. We will be much happier without you as well.

  7. Valois is a special town. For some reason, it seems to have been preserved in a way that perhaps other towns have not been preserved. But this should be an encouragement to other towns to show that it is possible to keep neighborhoods “clean for kids”. Whether or not we have kids of our own, we put them first. That is what being an adult is all about. The Craigslist ads made it very clear to parents that this is not something they want near their kids, near the toy shop and in their neighborhood. Take a look at “Polaris Project–For a World Without Slavery” on the internet. They have an excellent website, and I quote: “Sex trafficking has been found in a wide variety of venues of the overall sex industry, including residential brothels, hostess clubs, online escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and street prostitution.”

  8. Valois is a quiet, family oriented neighbourhood. A “massage” parlor had no place in the village. While I agree, wholeheartedly, what is done between two adults behind closed doors is nobody’s business – promoting prostitution and that is what it appears to be, is illegal; at that point, it is no longer between two consenting adults but is the affair (pardon the pun) of the community at large. The community, the neighbourhood does not want illegal activity within its borders, therefore, the city – the Mayor and councillors must put pressure on the police to close the establishment down, followed by city ordinances governing so-called “spas” and massage parlors.

  9. Never met a Marc who wasn’t French before. Mark, sure, Marc? Never.

    Rub and Tugs have no business opening in valois, and Quebec’s language laws are racist. Telling people to leave because they don’t like language laws just gives it away. Some of Quebec’s language laws are in contravention with the United Nations Human Rights Committee dating back to 1993 when bill 178 was introduced.
    So in summary:
    -Marc is French
    -Language laws are bad
    -No rub and tugs in Valois.

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